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Aug 6, 2009


Umm, this post hasn't a darned thing to do with hair today...not really. Today I woke up for work the usual; get the baby ready, send her with Daddy, wake up my son make him take care of our puggle (bad ass puggle I should say) Travis Barker, and get myself ready.

Well, I dressed my daughter in a lovely orange sundress complete with orange barrette, and she runs over to the sock basket (hey please don't judge me), and pulls out these pink socks. My daughter is all things pink: pink clothes, pink ice cream, pink toothpaste, its her color. But pink socks with a orange dress? She was very insistent. Even when I told her they didn't match. She didn't care she pulled them on and put on her sandals herself smiling the whole time. Now Daddy hadn't seen her yet. But when he did, he was like, "Naw Trinity you gotta take those socks off." She proudly said, "No, I'm not!"

So, I just told him to forget about it, let her express herself, I'm all for it. With a mommy like me? I even welcome it! I'm at work when my friend David calls me up and tells me that I look cute. I say, "Thanks D, you know how to make a girls day even if my hair does look like I have cinammon rolls on top of it." He goes, "No silly you look cute in the article were in."

Oh lawd! Naw...lets just say I don' t look like the photoshoot...hell where is photoshop when you need it? Chile I didn't have on a stitch of makeup. I belong to a group called Nevada AIDS Action, and we were interviewed by our local newspaper about our HIV/AIDS community work. You all know I'm working on establishing a needle exchange in this sinful city right? Well, its a slow motion process complete with people who do not want to budge. Read it for yourself....

Ok, I gotta go now...I'll get back to hair happenings later on! Kisses!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Tiara said...

Congrats on getting the word out!

Randomness-my baby's name is Trinity too and she's all about pink as well!!

Writing Addict said...

Thanks Tiara! Your babys name is Trinity too? Great minds think alike!