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Aug 5, 2009

Herbs & Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a delicate condition when it is necessary to lead life in restricted manner so that the carrying mother and the fetus remain healthy and strong. However, during pregnancy, as some foods, drinks, clothes, and activities are prohibited for the betterment of the mom and baby, there are some restrictions in the domain of herbal remedies. Here a few herbs and spices are mentioned which are to be avoided in pregnant condition. Using aloe Vera based products for consumption may not bring good result on the pregnant moms as there is chance to suffer from unusual uterine contractions. It is not recommended for lactating mother also.Herbal remedy or supplement of angelica is to be avoided because herbal remedy of this plant promotes menstrual cycle thus may induce uterine contraction for the carrying mother. Barberry remedy is to be avoided for the same adverse reason of uterine contraction effect. Basil oil, feverfew, and cotton root remedies are in the same line of prohibition for the pregnant ladies for maintaining balance within the uterine arrangements.Some herbal remedies’ consumption may induce birth defects in babies; the list includes golden seal, Autumn crocus, mugwort, ephedra, pennyroyal,sassafras, poke root, shepherd’s purse, wild yern, and tansy etc. in one glance. Some of the herbal remedies need to be avoided in order to avoid sudden induction of high blood pressure. The list of the hypertension stimulating herbs includes caffeine and licorice etc.

A few herbal remedy initiates uterine contraction; in these cases, it is not safe to consume these herbal remedies while in pregnancy because these remedies may impact inmiscarriage; black cohosh, blue cohosh, Juniper and Juniper oil are some well known popular herbs should never be consumed while a lady is pregnant.

Some herbal remedies promote some other major complications like premature labor pain or initiates the possibility of miscarriage if not treated timely and properly. Comfrey leaves have certain toxic materials in it which can penetrate placenta and initiates miscarriage with the carrying mother. Equally cumin seeds powder may result in abdominal cramping but in some specific conditions, it may cause lead to sudden miscarriage.

Other than these herbs, Rue, Peruvian bark, and Wormwood based herbal medicine are to be avoided during pregnancy period. Consumption of false unicorn root may induce the problem of morning sickness and nausea thus should be avoided by the pregnant ladies. Wormwood based herbal should also be avoided during lactation period.

*Go Herbal Remedies (2009)*

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