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Aug 28, 2009


Happy Friday Queens! I took my braids down as you can see.

Actually my dog, Travis Barker, had some say in this as he jerked me so hard last night when I took him on a walk. My updo, became undone! He's a wild one I tell ya.

So this is the result. I hope you likey. Sorry for the quality of the photos, I have the worst camera phone ever, the pics come out blurry. I will migrate to either the Iphone or Blackberry soon. Anyway have an amazing weekend. Also, if you have questions about locs now is the time to call the above number on the left. The Saynow button...I take calls live Mon-Fri during peak hours. Hope to hear from you soon!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Alexia said...

So cute!! Do you keep the clips in place while drying your locs? Or do you just braid and dry without the clips?

Writing Addict said...

I just braid without clips! The only thing that needs to be held into place are the ends of the braids which I hold together with those tiny black rubber bands.