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Jul 1, 2009

Readers Email Answered

The following email comes in 2 parts...

Dear Writing Addict,

Hi! i wanted to get some advice on maintain my locs by myself in-between going to the shop. i began the loc process last year in april08 with sisterlocks. i wasn't happy with the turnout. they looked like braids forever and become really frizzy and somewhat frustrating getting now where paying lots of money to maintain that locking technique. i kept asking the loctitican when will they start locking and she kept sayn don't worry about because my hair type was different and not very nappy to start locin fast. mind you i have NEVER used a perm in my life r any other product close to it and rarely even pressed it out. so i decided this year in march09 to start the palm rolling technique, which i absolutely loved but it's very expensive to maintain that salon look without going. so, my point is i want to be able to maintain my locs myself in-between going to the shop. also, the loctitican won't tell me what product she uses but i know it's made by her lol. so i've brought the mango and lime loc gel n the loc n twist gel thats on your page as well. at the shop they use the comb roll technique but i can't seem to do that lol so i have just been twisting it by twirling my fingers around it all the way down. I'm lost! please help me lol

Dear Queen,

Thanks for emailing me...sure I'll help you Queen. Now before I do that, I usually ask that you take a pic of your hair for me preferably at the root so that I can tell what type of hair were dealing with here, also I can see the condition of the hair. I can't suggest anything until I figure out where were at k? So hurry up and send me @ least 2 pics so we can get started!


"Writing Addict"

Dear Writing Addict,

ok here's the pics... let me know what you think. i re-twisted it myself for the first time in these pics, using mango n lime loc gel. Along with some cantu shea butter moisturizer, before applying loc gel.

Hi Queen,

Nice job! I love what you have done, you did a wonderful job on your hair. So I want to address a few things...

As black women we need to be aware of our hair type. This is extremely important as it can help you out in a great deal. The more you understand your hair, the better you can take care of it. As black women we tend to clump ourselves in only one category. This is not the case! Just like we come in all different hues, and delicious shades; our hair comes in different textures and patterns. Therefore, you have between what looks like 3c and 4a. This is not very kinky and extremely delicate. I can tell that you have been very hard on your hair, which is a big no-no with whatever pattern you are rocking! You should know that you can wear a variety of styles from braid-outs, twist-outs, full & free, or locs. Your hair is fine and must be treated delicately.

As you can see your edges are damaged and must be nursed back to health to avoid alopecia. So if you are wanting to rock locs, you must do so carefully. Take care not to twist all the way to the root, because again your roots are very fine and delicate. And please do not twist tightly!

A light formula like the mango and lime gel is perfect for your hair. Something like the Carol's Daughter loc butter could be too heavy and may cause product buildup in your hair. Actually, once you become loc'd you will be able to use something as light as 100% aloe vera gel to hold. Again you have a beautiful crown so treat it as such!

If there is anything else I can do to help or answer please let me know. Also, please note that I will share this info with other readers but will avoid using your real name.

Until then,

I love ya & Happy Locing!

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