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Jun 30, 2009

You Can't Please Everybody...

Hi Ladies!

As you know I receive emails on the regular basis, well here is my 1st hate mail! Hey, the old saying goes, "You can't please everybody!" At one point I reached out to a beautiful young lady who I thought embodied the beauty of what we are trying to highlight here at On the Road to Queendom. I knew the young lady did not have locs, but I wanted to feature her as my Loc'd Beauty of the Week because she was natural. Still, I have to be true to what I am doing here. Although she is a beautiful girl, the point of this blog is to educate, uplift, and praise women of color who have locs. So, I had to think of another way to celebrate her natural beauty instead of making her the Loc'd Beauty of the Week. Well, before I had the chance to brainstorm and figure out how to feature her I received this below:

Dear Writing Addict,

I just wanted to let you know that you are not a woman of your word and your dividing the black people giving people with locs the praise ....what about the people that dont have locs with natural hair. I dont know where you are from ,but my mom was raise in Selma where Martin Luther King and Rosa marched for freedom for this country yet people like you follow behind others because of looks thank you but no thank you!

have a pleasent day!

So sad right? So sad she felt the need to reach out to me in such a negative manner when I only reached out to her to celebrate her beauty, and give her a little shine. I am not paid to do this, so everything here is under my discretion. I hate that the young lady feels I am dividing sisters when I just blogged about us not doing this. So sad that she is in such a desperate need for exposure or feels she is so deserving of some shine that she had to belittle me, and what I am doing.

Again, you can't please everybody. So, again readers as my blog description says above this is a loc site, and even though we celebrate all natural beauties, this is dedicated to loc wearers. You see ladies who do not don locs get exposure all day everyday; so don't be mad at me because I chose to take some action and celebrate my loc'd beauties. Simply put, I put others before you because honestly others fit what we are representing here at On the Road to Queendom. So its not to discredit you, put you down, or take anything from your mothers' marching (not sure why that was even mentioned) but this is my blog and I choose to celebrate natural beauties with locs I'm sorry you choose to let this upset you. You are not a loc wearer, so keep pushing on and just skip this site okay sweetie?

Thank you & be blessed!


Lady Kinnks said...

I've been a hater myself. At times, when you are not comfortable in your own skin, it can be easy to lash out at others. I guess she was saying we should all unite because her mom marched for all of us Black folk...not just Black folks with locs!! Keep on pressing on... people who don't agree with you is a great sign that your not in the middle. Its better to stand for something, than nothing :) I love your blog and thanks again for giving us a shout out :)

Naturigurl said...

I love this site and what your doing. It's nice as a newbie to find a blog dedicated to women who are locked or are thinking about taking the journey and with mis matched info out there at least here I can get the info I need and be kept entertained to keep me returning. There are enough websites out there that celebrate just natural hair and as the saying goes you must creep befor you walk and in relation to hair weve all gone natural to get to our locked selves. She obviously has personal issues about her naturalness that she has to lash out at you and "your blog" and no offense to other natural sistas but if she feels slighted then she should go elsewhere on the web where she feels more celebrated. Keep doing you ma loving every minute of it.

A road to queendom fan

Empress D'Cali said...

I was shocked to read the above letter. I never felt your blog gave higher praise to women with locs.I love this blog because it celebrates women with locs who are often overlooked and deemed militant or unattractive. The real dividing line between black women is created by beauty industries. Women with locs need a forum like this to share information and find encouragement.

Kinky Rhonnie said...

I'm a loose natural and a fellow blogger and I LOVE your blog.

Keep doing what you do YOUR way.

I look forward to seeing the loc'd beauty of the week. lol

In addition, the products, fashions, and other varied topics that are featured are geared to all.

Anonymous said...

She is feeling insecure. The root of Hate and anger is fear. She is fearful that someone is looking at her as less than (even though no one is-from your site). Maybe some loc'd queens in her life terrorize her about her hair!

Writing Addict said...

Thank you Queens, because when I received that email I was feeling, "some kinda way." Good to know I wasn't coming across the way she described. I am gonna keep on doing me, because we all know Loc'd Beauties don't get the love we deserve so its up to us to uplift ourselves. That girl can "kick rocks!" LOL

Kicukalah said...

I hear an "You owe me" attitude. People have to understand, in order for them to feel good about themselves, you don't owe them anything! Shucks, I'm just grateful for what you do, the way that you do it.

Writing Addict said...

I just wanted to share this from our sister Melinda Thompson:

Why do we always haveta find the need to share so much hate and negativity when it is so much easier to love??? If you don't have anything nice, encouraging and uplifting to say then just keep your thoughts to yourself!!! or share them with people who think as you do!

As I have said before and will continue to express, thank you so much for this blog and website where we can gain and share information and encouragement, we (I) for sure NEEEEED this and other sites like this one where we (loc wearers) can feel and be accepted, praised, uplifted and CELEBRATED!!!! What are we gonna do, wait for mainstream society to acknowledge our beauty??!!

Again, thank you for this website, where I, and people that look like me, can be recognized!


Thank you Melinda!