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Jul 13, 2009

Queen Afua

When I began my journey to Queendom, I joined a sacred sister circle. It was one of the most empowering situations I have ever been in. It was one of sisterhood, togetherness, culture, and a total awakening to spirit. In this group was about 15 African-American women who came from different backgrounds, and socio-economic groups. Everyone came with an open heart and open mind with one common goal, to begin the nurturing path to self healing. To do it as one, as sisters. We were comforting, embracing, encouraging, and uplifting one another. Sort of what I try and embody here at On the Road to Queendom. It was a serious cleansing experience.

So many sisters came forward releasing their strongholds of self-hatred, victimization, self-pity, doubt, and negativity. Women were releasing all sorts of things. I wish I could go into the meat of it all, but I held a sacred vow to never allow what was said from other sisters to fall out of my lips. A vow I keep close at heart to this day. Needless to say, after the weeks that followed many of us resurrected a new person, with a new self-image, and love for ourselves and one another.

Queen Afua was at the base of it all. Her book, Sacred Woman is a must if you are on your path to Queendom. I urge you all to purchase this book, and to practice many of the exercises throughout the book. It teaches you how to eat, drink, and detoxify your body. It holds so many answers about so many important topics.

Since then she has many new products, but her newest book is entitled; The City of Wellness Society. In this book she explains that the time is now to reclaim our bodies, and start on our path to wellness with healthy and clean eating, and so much more!

Go to for more information, this is a Queen you definitely need to know!

Queen Afua TV Intro Video

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