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Jul 14, 2009

Combating Dryness

Okay, I've been busted! Seems some of you peeped out how fast my hair grows! Of course most of it has to deal with genetics, but my secret that above. Infusium is an awesome product that I have been using for years. I think I have been using it for at least 9 years or so, even before I went natural. It has always left my hair soft, manageable, and very healthy. So, it was natural that I continued to use it even sans-chemicals.

Infusium 23 Original Formula Pro-Vitamin Treatment is a unique leave-in treatment that adds conditioning and shine, restores manageability to dry, brittle hair and protects against split ends. I would use it immediately after I shampooed and conditioned my hair. But it is safe to use daily. Also it is superb to use immediately after a color, perm or relaxer service to help seal the cuticle and leave hair healthy-looking with superb manageability and shine.

It has a thin consistency and although you shouldn't oversaturate your hair with it, you do need to use it generously. Also, its safe for us loc'd Queens to use everyday mixed w/ a little of your other herbs and oils. I do....

So my little Queen Bees...head on to Sally's, Walmart, Walgreens, your neighborhood "hood" Beauty Supply Store and grab up a bottle. You will be rocking a more healthy head of locs in no time.

I don't care what anyone says, I swear by this product, and I do believe it has had something to do with the growth of my hair.

Out of 5 crowns I give Infusium a total of 5!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


livin2luv said...

I'm glad you made this post. I have been contemplating loc'ing my hair and recently started giving away my products. Now I know that I will need to hold on to my 2 1/2 bottles of infusium 23! Thanks

Writing Addict said...

Girl don't you dare throw this out! You gonna need it honey. Its the bomb (ok, I so need to stop trying to be hip!) LOL

drrph said...

Has the formulation changed or just the packaging?? I have bottle but it is gray....but it says leave-in??

Writing Addict said...

No they haven't changed their formula. But they have changed the packaging up. So its okay. You must have a smaller bottle?

Melinda said...

Thank u 4 sharing, girl why u been holdin out in us??? We ALL want beautiful hair and need to share what works!!!

Writing Addict said...

Oooh sorry chile, I just didn't even think about it!

Spashop said...

Yumm, those look delicious!