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Jul 13, 2009

Product Review

So this weekend I washed my hair with the EO, soap from Whole Foods is my review:

To remain fair to this brand I will try and refrain from comparing it to Dr. Bonner's but I know it will be hard. First off the smell is very nice, clean, and not overpowering. Unlike Dr. Bonner's all purpose soap which will damn near give you a headache with its strong scent (Lawd, I'm already comparing).

Then there is the consistency of the soap. Its a bit thick and suds up quickly, giving you a nice lather. However, it did not lather that well when I put it in my hair. It took about 2 1/2 shampoos to get a real good lather. Unfortunately I ran out of conditioner! Duh! So I had to do overkill on the Infusium leave in stuff.

So out of 5 crowns I'm going to give it 3 1/ it just doesn't stand a chance against Dr. Bonner's but it does deliver.

P.S. Oh yea, peep how my bangs are growing you like them?


Kicukalah said...

Thanks for the review. I'm checking out those bangs and it seems as though you had just cut them. What other products are you using and holding back on that could be the reason behind your fast growth ;-)
I like bangs, are you deciding whether or not to keep them?

Writing Addict said...

Bwuhahahaha....Okay I admit I do have an, "Ancient Chinese Secret" LOLOL...Imma blog about it, I was gonna do it anyway, geesh! LOL

Kicukalah said...

I Knew it!

I'll wait patiently anxiously for the secret.

Sofia Konstanta said...

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