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Jul 13, 2009

Up and Close with Celebrity Hair Artist Nedjetti

Hair by Nedjetti Salon NYC & NJ 973.748.0181

1st I just want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me! I really appreciate it.

How long have you been natural and what is your daily routine like?

I went natural in 93’, yes I finally woke up and realized embracing my organic tresses is being appreciative of the hair texture God gave me!! My daily hair routine, well let’s just say it’s very easy and low maintenance. I shampoo my hair once a week, condition almost daily and apply Nourish and Shine by Jane Carter Solution to my damp hair. I have permanent color in my hair so I must keep my hair moisturized all the time. I get asked constantly what I do to my hair as if I twist it or braid it, but I don’t do a thing, my hair texture has a natural twist out effect, thank God because although I luv to do hair, I’m not fond of doing mine, go figure.

How long have you been a hair artist, and when did your love for hair care come about?

I’ve been a hair artist as far as styling from a business perspective for 17yrs, but I’ve been honing my craft as a hair artist since age 7. As a child I’d excitedly watch my loving mother braid and cornrow my younger sister hair and she brought me a straight hair mannequin and I’d go into my room and practice, practice and practice until I made that perfect braid and cornrow. Then age 8 I began styling my own hair, yes cornrows and ponytails which then parlayed to styling my grandmother, best friends and uncles hair, anyone who’d let me, I’d style their hair. Funny story, I was around 11 and asked my 9 yr old sister what should I be when I grow up and she said “You should be a beautician”, I looked at her and replied “I’m not going to stand up on my feet all day”, hey what I didn’t realize, my sister apparently did. My luv for hairstyling is passionately innate, as my (maternal) grandmother was a cosmetologist and (paternal) grandfather was a barber, I just didn’t realize as a child or adult hair artistry is my destiny. It wasn’t until after I overcame an illness where my entire hair fell out from age 21-25 and when it grew in I’d put extension box braids in and I’d get stopped in the street by women asking me what salon I went to. At first they didn’t believe me when I told them I did it (they thought it was too neat from someone to do it themselves), but once I convinced them, I would get offers from these sistahs to braid their hair and that’s how I finally came into embracing my gift as a hair artist by becoming a walking billboard (smiling).

What is the biggest misconception about going natural or having natural hair in your opinion?

1. Natural hair isn’t versatile, yes it is, coily hair holds styles much longer than straight hair and can be transformed into various unique and creative hairstyles.
2. Natural hair isn’t manageable, yes it is, and you have to re-learn how to manage your natural tresses. You can’t nor shouldn’t expect to treat you beautiful natural coils the same as straight hair because different hair types requires its own individual technique of management.
3. Natural hair can be comb dry, no it’s just the opposite, always comb natural hair from damp hair, preferably with the conditioner in it. Water is the best moisturizer and detangler which makes combing the hair easier, alleviates breakage and potential pain.
4. Natural hair should have shiny gloss, no it shouldn’t, coily hair doesn’t have a high sheen definition because it takes a longer process for the excretion of our natural oils to travel down the hair shaft, thus resulting to a duller appearance to the hair.
5. Natural hair doesn’t need to be trim; yes it does, just not as often as a person with a relaxer. 2-3months is an average time period to receive a trim. Trims keep split ends at bay and unnecessary hair shedding.
6. Natural hair should be shampooed every day, not so, once a week is sufficient, conditioning daily is recommended, natural hair craves moisture and keeping your natural tresses spritz with water, olive oil and essential oils is recommended in keeping your lovely tresses moist, soft and vibrant. Monthly steam treatment is also great for the hair; the steam softens, adds moisture and alleviates hair breakage.

Tell us about your natural DVDs and where can one find them?

I’ve decided to share my enthusiasm for styling natural hair using no extensions via DVDs. Nedjetti’s Natural Hairstyling DVD no extensions can be purchased at I’m creating an entire series and vol 1 is available for $24.99 +shipping. On vol 1, I demonstrate how to properly comb natural hair, step-by-step on how to create double-strand twists, comb-coils to the chic afro twist out. All you need is a comb, gel and spray bottle, it’s that easy.

My future DVDs will reveal how to start and groom baby and adult locs, loc repair and styling, cornrows, braids, how to trim natural hair from wet and blow dry, children styles (various ages & length), flat twists, Bantu knots, combination styles, all extension-free, a healthier approach to styling your natural tresses. Stop by to sign up for my newsletters.

It’s time for our people to learn our heritage and art in hairstyling using no extensions as extensions are very harmful for our hair. Take a look around and you’ll witness many sistahs and children’s hair loss from engaging in traction alopecia hairstyles. It’s my dedication and Godly mission to save our people from this hair loss epidemic, especially for the children.

I know you are a celebrity stylist, who are some of the big names you have styled during your career?

As a hair artist and men’s groomer, I’ve been working in the entertainment industry for 10 years and had the greatest pleasure to style the tresses of Ilyasah Shabazz, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Elisabeth Withers, Sarah Jones, Omahyra, Eva Marcille, Alessandra Ambrosio, Erika Alexander, TC Carson, Quddus, Gelila Bekele, Mos Def and to name a few.

Any secrets you can share? Do you have some natural haired celebrities that we don’t know about? Share secrets?

Hmmmm that would be a breach of my confidentiality with my celeb cliente and that’s a big no no, lol. I can share, when I cornrow Mos Def for his “Umi Says’ video in ’00, he said to me “wow, you cornrow so fast”, not spicy enough (smiling).

If there was one celebrity you would love to get your hands in their hair who would it be & why?

Corrine Bailey Rae, oh how I’d love to style her hair, why, I adore her angelic vibe and I have some many styles I’d like to introduce to Corrine. I know you said one, but I’d also love to style the Obama children’s hair, Malia and Sasha, the styles I have in mind for them are so adorable for their natural tresses…from my lips to God ears…

I’m sure people are apprehensive about approaching you to do their hair since you are a celebrity hair artist; are you open to the public as well?

Gosh, I would hope not, YES, I’m always open to service the public. I own Hair by Nedjetti Salon based in Bloomfield, NJ and also work in NYC, call 973.748.0181 to book your appt for either locations. Please visit for my hair services and prices before calling. Everyone is a celebrity in my eyes, it’s just a matter of me to get this valuable message across to my beautiful sistahs out there.

How did you learn about all the different textures and how to style our (African-American) hair?

Well as stated earlier, I grew up styling natural hair as a child therefore it was introduced to me from day one. Before receiving formal training in 04, I embarked into the industry in ’00 and started styling hair for fashion shows and would style Caucasian or straight texture hair at that time with an ethnic twist. Although I held my own, it wasn’t until I went to cosmetology school in ’04 that I received my practical and scientific training needed to become a well-rounded hair artist and men’s groomer. In 10 months, is where I learned how to cut, to use marcel irons, comprehend the color wheel and so much more. I graduated with honors (3.8) and applied my scholastic knowledge toward my craft and noticed a huge improvement in my artistry. I would suggest anyone who’s interested in styling hair to get their cosmetology license. Yes, in the beginning of my pursuit within the industry I thought I didn’t need education because of my innate talent, but clearly I was incorrect. Formal training will enhance your talent and help take you to the level you internally desire, it has for me. I continue educating myself, I love to cut so I’ll soon take a cutting class, and anything else I find of interest, never stop studying, ‘live and learn’ is my motto…. My diverse portfolio can be viewed at

What are some of your favorite products you like to use on clients?

For natural hair to moisturize the scalp and hair, I love to use Nourish and Shine by Jane Carter Solution as well as their nutrient conditioner. I use Biolage Hydrating Shampoo by Matrix. For straight hair I love Paul Mitchell Quick Slip styling cream (removes frizz and gives sleek styling finish).

Do you have anything you would like to share with our natural hair Queens?

Know that you are an inspiration to those with relaxers, you don’t have to persuade anyone to go natural, just walk your joyous walk and eventually others will follow in their own time. So importantly, don’t stop until you find a natural specialist that treat you and your tresses with TLC as you always deserve to be treated like a gem.

How can one score an appointment with you?

I work from both Bloomfield, NJ and NYC, call 973.748.0181 and expect to leave a message, I will call you back and give you a phone consultation. Also expect to send me a couple of photos of your loose hair (afro) via text or email. I’m also a loctician of 17 years. My email is feel free to do so before calling. In the subject line, put POTENTIAL HAIR CLIENT. Visit my salon FaceBook, I have over 90 gorgeous natural hairstyles I created all extension free, go to You’ll be amazed with what can be done with your very own tresses. Also, visit my official website

Tell us about your online apparel and accessories store.

I have an online store with the logo HAIR ME OUT, I LUV BEING AU NATURALE printed on women, men and children shirts (various colors and styles), bags, mugs, caps, hoodies, sweatshirts, calendar (featuring 12 of my hairstyles), bibs, teddy bear, clocks and much more. Go to to view my products. "Hair Me Out, I luv being au naturale" is a rejoicing expression and self-luv statement to the world giving thanks to God for our receptive and versatile coils, especially for children.

Thank you Queen Nedjetti for allowing me to interview you, you are truly a pioneer, and on the forefront of natural hair education we appreciate you here at!

Thank you Queen Tosh, we are both for the cause of enlightening and encouraging our sistahs, it’s been a great pleasure and honor. Peace nluv…

How I would loooovvveee...for this talented and beautiful Queen to bless my hair with her hands, Nedjetti, if you are ever in Las Vegas, please hit me up...I want an appointment!!! LOL

For more on Queen Nedjetti please visit her...

973.748.0181 -salon


All hair styled by Nedjetti

Lenore (afro twist out): photographer: Kade Lam, makeup

: Suzie Beauty

Lenore (long comb-coils): photographer: Kade Lam, makeup

: Suzie Beauty

Kim (double-strand twists): photographer: Kade Lam, makeup

: Suzie Beauty

Amu (braids): photographer: Eric Von Lochart, makeup

Chantal Gesse

Amirah (curly locs): photographer: Eric Von Lockhart, makeup

: Chantal Gesse

Yanni (short comb-coils): photographer: Wayne Summerlin
make-up: Deshawn Hatcher stylist: Andre' Adkins

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

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