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Jul 20, 2009

Chris Brown apologizes, now?

Well the apology may not have come when we all expected it but it did TMZ has the new Chris Brown apology to the fans & Rhianna concerning the February incident. I only have a few questions...
  1. Why now
  2. Teleprompter
Those are the only 2 questions I have for young Breezy. You know I do have to commend him for humbling himself to make the apology. Maybe it was due to the squeeze he has been feeling from his "used-to-be" entertainment friends, perhaps its because he has an album about to drop. Whatever the reasons I do hope Chris makes good on his apology and he can move on, and to truly get some help for his problems.

He and Rhianna are young kids, and they should be able to learn from mistakes and grow older and wiser. Still, I hope he never pulls another sick stunt like this, and I hope Rhianna never allows another human being to belittle and hurt her again.

I am a survivor of abuse, and it takes years of healing. I grew up in that type of environment, and also lost a dear friend to Domestic Violence. This is one reason I am a DV advocate. No one has the right to hurt someone else. Women should never give someone this type of power.

So, here's to Chris Brown finally reading his apolo...I mean apologizing. And here's to us, accepting it mainly Rhianna releasing and living life.

I wish nothing but the best for the two kids.

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Lady Kinnks said...

I live in Chris Brown Country. Hes from Virginia and he has lots of supporters here. He and Rhianna would always be seen at the local mall. I am so sick of turning on the radio and hearing everyone supporting him and saying things like Rhianna deserved it. Its difficult to live in the lime lite and have the responsibility of being a role model. If u can't handle being a role model, u should not have the fame. Domestic Violence is a ridiculous problem, especially for young teenagers!! If Chris Brown doesn't face serious consequences, then DV will be accepted. I agree Ms. Writing Addict.... it sounded like he was reading a teleprompter which does not seem sincere. What do u think of Jay-Z threatening that he and Beyonce would pull out of the BET awards if CB was allowed to perform?

Karen said...

Thank you for sharing this. Finally Chris makes a public apology! This should have happened a long time ago. But, better late the never. I still have a problem with just letting it go. I really admired him before this whole thing happened. But if he is truly planning to get help and counseling, then I wish him luck. He had a great career ahead of him, and despite his horrible actions, its crazy to think that that would be the end for such a talented young man. Hopefully he can heal, be an example of what not to do, and move forward with this life.

Writing Addict said...

I know ladies, I just had to post this because we need to talk about it, discuss it; but intelligently. Not just pass judgement. People can change, but only if they put forth an honest effort. Not doing something just to save face, and sale records. With that being said I don't know what this young man nor Rhianna is doing. But both need serious intense counseling to break the cycle.

Ms Kinnks...I think Jay Z and Beyonce both are a hot mess but thats another conversation all together. If Jay Z did pull rank like that well, its a shame...tragic at best.