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Jun 26, 2009

You Mean to Tell Me....

That only 1 person knows where to go and have an HIV/AID test taken in their city? Well, I guess that one person will just walk away with the gift card. This may be the 1st time ever that people did not participate in a give-a-way. Could it be because of the subject matter? Are we still afraid of the three letter word? No, not sex, HIV?

Women we cannot be blind. I wouldn't be doing my part in trying to eradicate this disease if I didnt try and educate or raise awareness.

I don't know I just thought you all were just as concerned as I about women's health issues. We can't ignore it, we must confront this terrible disease.

Even if you don't want the giftcard, you should still place where a woman can find a testing site in your city in the comment section.

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