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Jun 17, 2009

Often Imitated but Never....

They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.I know I purposely try and be different, my family says so. This isn't always good I guess. But, whatever, I love being different. I have always gone the opposite direction when I see everyone going in the same. This is why I never did well with fads, never wore the same hairstyle longer than 2 weeks (back in the day), made my own clothes, and jewelry. I loved standing out. Its the one thing my mother brings up anytime she discusses me. Just recently I got a mendhi design on my foot, to cover up an old surgery scar. I also got it because, I am so fond of mendhi, its just beautiful. Imagine the look on my face when I walked up in my office just to see my co-worker with the same exact design on the same exact foot, smh...lawd. I just shrugged it off, and gave her a compliment.

I guess that's why I work hard at bringing you the most up to date info, thought provoking interviews with interesting loc'd sisters. I want to showcase our beauty with the loc'd beauties of the week, and your talent with your artwork. I also like to honor you with my giveaways. Still, there are other bloggers who feel the need to imitate my blog with doing the same exact thing I'm doing. This isn't about just posting up my feed, I want people to do that! I want us all to share, but I'm talking about the bloggers who can't come up with their own style.

Now don't get me wrong, hell I know a lot of hair blogs, and just blogs in general report on the same things. And we all know the pictures are just passed from blog to blog. But the content, well, its easy for most of us to post the same things because good minds think alike. Still, the content, I will just never know why some find it hard to come up with their own unique blogging style.

So, I won't go on and on, and bore you with this mess. Just thought I'd share with you what I was thinking. I guess I should take it as a compliment...and I do.

I'm off to think up some more stuff, because hey, you know I like to be different! (Smiles)


cheleski said...

word. i'm finding excerpts from my book that way too...interesting...without recognition!

Enchantress said...

That just means you're awesome and it shows!!!

Thandi said...

Now that is NOT cool!!