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Jun 16, 2009

The Knotty Truth...

M Michele George is a a highly intelligent and accomplished Queen. Her resume reads impressively where she has been trained in the field of Molecular Biology and at a School of Medicine in Applied Science. So, if this Bella wants to school us on the dangers of chemicals in hair products, then its pretty safe to say we should listen.

Chele’s paternal Grandmother introduced her to the world of beauty. She has always been drawn to the beauty and design of naturally curly hair. Because Grandma Gin’ ran a beauty shop out of her basement, she relayed her passion for hair to “Cheli” who now manifests this gift by empowering women to embrace the unique beauty in their God-made naps. The study, design and art of natural hair are passions that called Cheli from the belly of her soul. She believes there is ministry in our tresses and “has been called to testify.” The Knotty Truth is Chele’s first book of many which will enlighten, educate, and inspire others to live on purpose by embracing their birth right, rejecting the negative stigma that has been assigned to our hybrid coils. 
Known to her sistren as Cheleski (Shell-ski), M Michele George shares her 
life with her husband and best friend, and their two sons.

M Michele George always had a passion for self expression through her writing. She has been a featured writer in Mocha Moms of Cleveland News (2002), A Champion Mother: Giving Her Baby a Gift of Love, 2004; A Taste of Mount Vernon Magazine, 2009; Featured as Notty of The Month. May 2009.; Motowngirl Spotlight of the week June 2009/; and now her own work: The Knotty Truth Managing Tightly Coiled Hair At Home: DIY Survival Guide, 2009 featured on Spring 2009 or downloadable at

If you are ready to be informed, enlightened and maybe just a little more educated about tightly coiled hair care, The Knotty Truth is for you. With an emphasis on affordable do-it-yourself haircare at home, The Knotty Truth will introduce you to everyday kitchen products that will nourish not only your belly, but your hair. Natural hair care need not be expensive. If you are not ready to venture into the world of natural hair, The Knotty Truth may just change your mind with its’ refreshing savvy and witty candor. The Knotty Truth is for the strong willed inner child that wants to be free to embrace the nap of her hair or begin the journey to a head of naturally cared for hair full of strength and vitality!

Click here to buy the Queens' book!

1 comment:

cheleski said...

thanks Queen!!!! Thankyou for what you do!