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Jun 15, 2009

Natty Dreadz.....

You know you can't trust your locs to just anyone! I mean, just because we have natural hair, it doesn't mean that just anybody can play up in our hair. If anything we should be more careful as to whom we allow to even touch our crowns. Let me just say, one time I called myself going to a "natural hair salon" to get my locs name, Homie the Clown! Lawd I looked like a joke...that taught me something. From that moment on no one could touch my hair, only my mum, and myself okay?

However, one look at Queen Nattydreadz who's been loc'd for 14 years and you know you are in good hands. This Loc'd guru decided to open a salon catering to locs in her home back in 2003 in the Bronx because there weren't that many salons catering to locs back then. When you walk through her door, you will walk into a very homely, warm and comfortable environment.

What I found intriguing is that she wanted to clear up the misconception amongst loc her opinion, locs do not require maintenance. She also works with the Jamaican mango & lime product when working on her clientele. Natty recommend that loc wearers steer clear of heavy products.

Queen Natty also had this to say. "Show yr locs lots of love and attention for all vibes starts from the crown".......

I couldn't have said it better!

Live in the Bronx, and you want an appointment?

Contact Natty for a free consultation
347-862-1992 or 917-514-9001

Visit Natty Dreadz at her Myspace page!


Zion of Emon said...

Lovely!! Very lovely!!!

Sum Kinda Wonderful... said...

I allow no one to touch my hair in terms of "doing it." However, I like to think one day, when I move to thriving metropolis with options like Queen Natty, I may just treat myself to someone trustworthy.

Writing Addict said...

I know thats right, Sum Kinda, I would LOVE to allow someone else to just have a go at my hair...but chile I can't afford to peel off over $100 just for a wash & retwist :(