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May 28, 2009

Reader's Emails Answered

Hey precious poos! I received this email today and you know I had to share! If anyone has anything to add to help out our reader make sure you leave info in the comment section!

Dear Newbie,

Congrats on your decision to become loc'd! I am confident you will enjoy your newfound beauty, as well as hairstyle.

Let me get right to your questions:

1. Do I haveta sleep with a scarf on??? I am 49 years old and anything on my head at night causes my hot flashes to want to commit homoside. I am afraid that a satin pillowcase with break my skin out ( and I just had it buffed!!!).

While I sympathize with you during the big "change" I have to say that unfortunately you need some kind of protection on your hair at night this early in the stage of locing if you want to keep the hairstyle neat, avoid lint and dust from accumulating in your locs. If you hate anything on your hair because it "holds and traps heat," then take some sheer or even fishnet stockings and cut the legs off. Tie the end and place it over your hair it will keep your hair in place while still allowing the scalp to breathe.

Also, please note that if you don't want to don anything on your hair at night you need protect the locs with at least a satin pillowcase. Whilst a cotton pillowcase may feel soft, experts claim that cotton is highly absorbent causing it to draw moisture from your hair and skin while you sleep. The natural oils found on the scalp are absorbed by the cotton, drying it and making it more brittle. The weave of the cotton is also abrasive tending to grip individual stray strands of hair that may be sticking out of the loc causing them to break.

Hair care specialists have been recommending satin pillowcases to protect our hair and our hair style while we sleep for decades, but why? Well firstly satin is not absorbent so it allows the hair to breath and retain its natural moisture, and secondly the hair slides over the pillow preventing it from breaking and tangling.

Did you know that most medical experts also recommend satin pillows for patients being treated for cancer and hepatitis C where, following the treatment, patients are often in bed for long periods and suffer from frictional Alopecia, the abnormal loss of the hair root and hair shaft from the hair follicle caused by the hair rubbing against the abrasive cotton and damaging the hair cuticles with heat? Sleeping on a satin pillow helps prevent the cuticle heating up during the night as the head moves around and puts pressure on the hair because the head and hair flows over the satin.

2. When is a good time to do my first wash??? After it is securely locked????

You must not wait until is securely loc'd to do your first wash. It is important to wash the hair when it is time for re-twisting. Believe it or not, coiled hair should be washed every 3 1/2 weeks, then after you have worn coils at least 3 months consecutively you can slow the washing process down to every 4 -5 weeks. Your hair will slow down the oil producing process, and can go about 1 1/2-2 monthsa at a time until the next wash. However, washing actually helps the locing process! You have to wash and refresh the scalp. Try not to manipulate and scrub the hair, only the scalp.

To wash coils and tween stage locs:

Get a pair of stockings, cut off the legs and tie together. Stand under the shower head and shampoo coils and twists underneath the shower head with gentle to no manipulation with shampoo. Stand under the shower head to rinse cleanse. Remove stocking cap and follow up with conditioner. After 2-3 minutes. Place cap back on and stand under shower head.

3. How often should I retwist???

I don't know about you but I am vain when it comes to my hair :) So, when my hair was coiled I washed and retwisted every 2 /12 or 3 weeks to maintain fresheness, nice and neat coils.

I appreciate you reading, I do hope you continue to visit and you are a follower. Make sure to enter giveaways, comment, and stay informed!

If there is anything I have missed or haven't answered please contact me ok?

God Bless, and Happy Locing!

"Writing Addict"

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