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May 25, 2009

Loc'd Beauty of the Week

The electrifying soul angel Cassandra Wilson. The first time I heard Cassandra's down home, earthy voice was when I was on vacation in New Orleans in the summer of 2002. When I heard her voice blaring through the speakers of a cafe down in the French Quarter I was hooked. Hooked I tell ya!

Her voice sounds like a Sunday afternoon, lounging lazily on your front porch with a jar of lemonade. Have I set the stage for ya? If you haven't experienced this phenomenal jazz singer I strongly encourage you to do so!
If not just for the music, honey she rocks a mean set of blonde locs. I have always admired her beauty! She is so comfortable in the skin she's in, she is a true Queen.

1 comment:

Moosiko said...

I absolutely love her music. She is truly inspirational.