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May 4, 2009

Loc'd Beauty of the Week

The petite, and beautiful Nerissa Irving "Imperial Goddess" is the epitome of a Queen. This Jamaican born loc'd Goddess is sought after for print, and media.

She had this to say about her Queendom:

"I’m here with my hair…, Natural, not locked nor lost…, While some call me Rasta or dreadlocked…, Neither books of religion or academia can define me…! For this is me, the true African Queen…! Not dreaded but loved, not lost but lusted after…, Not locked up and under foreigners…, Not arresting my destined natural progression…, But majestically flowing in the richness of my own roots… My Mama Africa taught me that my essence is ‘my Ori’…, The Yoruba word for ‘my head’…, From which my destiny naturally grows...! In my natural growth, I take my Black pride… Strong as the roots and stems of my African heritage… I display my natural crown for all to see… That am neither locked nor lost… …only rightfully proud of my natural gift Which my Ori, my head, destined to crown me… As a true Natural Queen!(Nerissa Irving)"

Talk about owning your beauty!

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