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Apr 13, 2009

Beauty of the Week!

This weeks beauty hails from Houston, Texas. She is Kae Bruney but known as Ms B, or even Ms Kae. She's the author and owner of Ms B Speaks where she shares her witty gossip, and latest findings with the world. She is a part time columnist, media maven, marketing guru and on air talent. This well rounded Queen is also, the co-owner of Houston’s Downtown Diva eXchange – a women’s social and networking group dedicated to staying in style and sharing blessings.

This loc'd beauty is also an animal lover; where she is a fledgling animal behaviorist and animal rescue foster. The proprietor of a local raw-dog food co-op to help other animal lovers to keep their pets healthy and veterinary Independent. Her most important claim to fame to date is being a mom to her awesome 11 year old son.

As if she had any time, this darling diva is a dedicated sista to the movement of the people: doing for the people, helping the people, educating the people and loving the people.

She finds the time and energy to volunteer at numerous activities and foundations. When asked what her outlook on life is she stated the following; "I believe that our commitment to service is what truly defines our greatness and without it, we are but takers benefiting from that which others have given."

Now thats what I call Beauty & Brains!


Thandi said...

Maybe in 5 years' time I'll have some length LOL.In the meantime, i'll look at your beauties and imagine it.

Laquita said...

She and her locs are beautiful :o)

Sincere said...