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Apr 14, 2009

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Did you know that regularly rinsing your locs with apple cider vinegar and even regular vinegar is good for your hair? Don't be shocked...seriously. Yes, I know vinegar smells, but the smell doesn't stay in your hair. Let me explain...

Using apple-cider vinegar to clean hair is an all-natural way to eliminate shampoo build-up and toxins in your hair also to remove excess build up of shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. The apple cider vinegar can leave your locs softer, lift dirt, dandruff, and make them shiny. I thought that would bring a smile to your face :) How many of us would like shinier locs? The apple's malic acid acts as an emollient and defoliant.

Well this weekend, possibly sooner I am going to do my vinegar rinse. So I will post before and after photos of the result. Honsetly I haven't rinsed my locs in so hair will be overjoyed once this is done. I am going to allow the vinegar to remain in my hair for a little while. Then wash it out. I can't wait to see the results!


new2locs said...

Man her loc's are fierce!

Thandi said...

YOu know, I haven't done an ACV since before my 'BC.' When you do it, please let us know how you did it. I did the pouring it over my head, then the next time I spritzed it on...And also, whether you rinsed it off or not.Maybe I'll be inspired to try it again!

Laquita said...

I do ACV rinses regularly -before and in-between washes. They're wonderful :o)