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Mar 16, 2009

Relaxation Time!

Hello dahlings....this weekend I had the opportunity to relax at The Spa at Red Rock Hotel & Casino. Let me just say it was wonderful and a real treat. Very rarely do I get the opportunity to steal away some time to myself and just not do anything, not think, not take care of others. So when my boss and his wife gave me a spa package to this particular place I couldn't wait to use it! I don't think I would have gone if it were not a gift. First I checked in, and was taken to the locker area. Which in itself is plush. Your locker has your robe, and slippers waiting on you. Since it is women only, its clothing optional..umm no, I dont fancy walking round in my birthday suit. Some things better kept to yourself. So anyway, the young lady showed me around, there was the jacuzzi, the small cold jacuzzi, a sauna, and steam room, a waiting area for you to rest and make yourself a hot cup of tea before your services. There were plenty of iced down waters throughout the facilities. Overhead showers by the wet area as well. Towels were strategically placed up and down the halls, no need to worry because there was a young lady picking up all soiled towels, and empty water bottles.

So anyway, I quickly undressed, wrapped the terry cloth robe around my waist and slipped into my slippers, shuffled down the hall toward the waiting area. Don't ask me why, but for some odd reason I was a bit shy and nervous. It could have been because I was the only black woman in the place. Usually I don't let this sort of thing bother me, I mean, I do live in Las Vegas, Nevada. But still I longed for a friend to kind of hold on to if you know what I mean. Doing the spa thing is wonderful, but even better when you have your girls.

Anyhow, I sat quietly reading a book when the young man who would be doing my services called my name. Thankfully I jumped to my feet and went over to him, where he ushered me back to the quiet massage room. He was gentle, nice, and very comforting. Told me undress and slip underneath the towels. I was there for a 80 minute scrub & rub.

The scrub & rub entailed him rubbing some type of sugar scrub on my body to exfoliate me for about 30 minutes. I chose this treatment because its Springtime, and I wanted to exfoliate all of the old cells to reveal the soft skin underneath. I want to be shorts, and summer dress ready :)
After he was finished scrubbing me down head to toe, he started a warm shower for me, exited the room where I took a leisure shower to cleanse the concoction off of me. Again I slipped underneath some fresh sheets and the 50 minute massage began. Let me just say, this gentleman had heavenly hands! He took away all of the tension and stress of the three months of cruelty I have been putting my body through at the gym on a daily basis. It was a real treat. I caught myself snoring on the table, where I offered my apologies.

After I came back from heaven, I was ushered back into the spa area. I put on my bathing suit, and sat in the sauna for a bit, the jacuzzi, and back in the steam room. Then realizing I had spent enough time away I took a long shower where the real discovery happened (no get your minds out of the gutter :) I decided to wash my locs in there. I mean I wasn't going to knowing how tedious of a task it is, and the fact that I was gonna be looking like Whoopi Goldberg by the roots (no disrespect Whoopi). But, I said, "What the hell," and washed it anyway. #1 its their water I was about to use up, I could take all the time I needed, and I couldn't resist a high pressured, overhead water faucet. Wow is all I can say, the shampoo and conditioner which I later learned is only sold there in the spa is absolutely fabulous! My locs have never, and I mean never smelled, nor felt so soft! My hubby has commented on my locs, he keeps running his hands through them. Honey, I am going back to that spa as soon as possible to pick up a bottle of the shampoo and conditioner. Guess what? Its only $15 a piece, hey, that may be too much for some. But remember, you need to treat your hair right if you expect wonderful results.

If you can spend money on makeup, clothes, surely you can spend for one of the most precious parts of your body, your crown, your glory, your hair!

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