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Mar 11, 2009

Once upon a time I used to go to this place called Beauty School when I thought I wanted to be a hairdresser because I thought I had plenty of experience. I mean I used to hook up everybody's hair in my mothers kitchen, so I was a prime beauty school candidate right? Honey faster than you can say Beauty School Dropout the daggone school closed...something about misuse of student funds. Don't get me started, 0kay?

So this is really going somewhere...seriously. When I am out minding my own beeswax I get the occasional, "Who does your hair?" "Is that all your hair?" "Do you do dreads?" My answers are, "Me," "yes, who else would put some fake nappy hair like this in?" "I can do dreads, but I have a full time job, so...."

Then the fun begins, "Oh great! I have been wanting to find someone to start my dreads, blah blah blah; how much do you charge?" I hate this seriously I do because #1 it aint comfortable talking about money, and #2 folks act like they get a brain aneurysm when I tell them the price. When I first started having my 1 -1/2 inch hair twisted the Loctician charged me $75 every 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. That was way back in 2001, here it is 2009 and your eyes are getting big because I said $85? I don't do kitchen hair, and quite frankly its not even a side gig. I get a kick out of doing people's hair because I love to see women wear their own hair and love it.

You spend way more than that on some tacky ass hair weaves, box relaxers, color, glue, whatever you use. I see you running in Kim Lee's beauty emporium, and Hair Plus Beauty Supply every two weeks. Spending that $40-50 on weave alone. Don't get me started on them janky ass lace fronts you buying that look good for about 3 wears then they turn ratty and a hot mess before you leave the club. So you got the nerve to cop some tude bout a beautiful and natural hair style? Umph...

I usually look at the person's hair length and take it into consideration. If they have chin length its going to cost a bit more, again its my choice. I don't studder or even bat an eye when I tell them what I charge for doing dreads. It takes a lot to maintain and even train the hair, so people if you see me on the street and you stop me be prepared to hear $85-125. If you don't like it, keep stepping cuz I sure will. Hell I keep up my own hair, go to school, work full time, take care of my 2 kids and hubby. Don't nobody have time to play in your hair for a few measly bucks.

That is all


msfullroller said...

I heard that sista!!

Maryee said...

Sometimes you just have to tell it like it T-I-IZ!

Enchantress said...

Hahahahaha!!! Tell them again! I was doing my friends' and family's natural hair for a minute and charged waaaaaay less than you do. Even with the huge discount I would still have people wanting me to make their hair more "perfect" and they would not even TAKE CARE of their hair between visits. I quickly stopped offering my services. You have a full plate and it's crazy how people don't even take that into consideration!!!

Lalaboobaby said...

Girl I hear you. I used to pay $250 to have Kinky Twist put in my hair every 3 months with, yes, kinky fake hair. So when I knew I was ready to go natural with Sisterlocks, I had no problem investing.

Some folks like to be cheap, and your time and expertise is worth more than a few chump dollars.

Breath of Light said...

I am so glad someone else out there understands. I stopped doing other peoples hair with the exception of my sisters because it just wasn't worth my time anymore. I work full time and take care of my child among other things and folks would have the nerve to ask for a discount and want me to come to THEIR home. It just wasn't worth it anymore. Now coupled with some injuries that make it down right painful to labor over someone elses head (including my own) it's just not happening. So now I tell my sisters to let curious poeple know that "yes, my sister did my hair and no, she is not taking any new clients".