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Feb 6, 2009

Health Inside Reflects Out

Is your hair struggling? Are you fed up with trying to get your locs to rock right? Well the problem may not lie with how you care for your hair, but how you in fact care for your body.

You heard it plenty of times, if you take care of your body then your body will take care of you. This not only means no drugs, limited alcohol use, and non smoking; but also exercise, the right amount of sleep, a healthy diet, and supplements.

Let me give you an example; At one point I was going through a depression, and I ate all wrong, no exercise, and I was totally negative. Well it surely showed on the outside. Acne began to appear on my face and back, my scalp was dry, flaky, and my hair looked dull, a hot mess.

When I pulled myself out of the doldrums, and got back to caring for myself the way GOD wanted me to, I began to see a positive change. My skin cleared up, I no longer struggled with a flaky scalp. I slept better, and I got back on my fitness routine. I started off slowly; I took up a pay what you can yoga weekly workshop. I started back practicing on my meditation, I posted positive affirmations all around my house. I ate sensibly, and put good foods into my body. I knew what I was supposed to do, but sometimes you don't practice what you preach you know what I mean?

So this goes for you too, if your locs are limp, then maybe you need to check yourself. Are you incorporating a daily vitamin in your regimen? Some vitamin E for healthy scalp, and nails? Getting enough water? If not, practice what I do; I drink water all day (continually sipping), then I reward myself with a diet soda, or juice for dinner.

I know its easier said than done, but remember you have to take care of your temple. When you remove the toxins out of your life, and out of your body you feel lighter, as if a load has been lifted off of you.

Please get it together, remove toxins, let go of toxic people, eat right, don't smoke, drink light, exercise and be happy.


So said...

your blog is very informative. and i love the pictures you have of beautiful people

Enchantress said...

This is so true!