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Jan 28, 2009

Men and Natural Hair Styles

(Photo courtesy of

Now imagine you man standing at your door dressed like this; with his hair smelling and looking beautiful like that with a box of chocolates. Umm, umm, umm. Now fellas you must be up on your natural hair game as well, Valentines day is up and coming. What style will you be rocking? I know you aren't going to ask your boo to braid you up Allen Iverson style while you are trying to get all romantic and stuff. Honestly we are a little tired of that style, its more fit on the bball court than on a date with us. So here are a few more styles to choose from when you you want to impress your Valentine. Ladies, you can take notes and convince your man to try one of these styles as well.

For the above pic all that is needed is the following:

  • About 3 inches or longer hair freshly shampooed and conditioned.
  • Section hair and double strand twist the hair with a pomade such as Carol Daughter's loc butter. You can also use a setting lotion and black gel.
  • Set underneath dryer until thoroughly dry.
  • Spritz with a little oil.
  • Undue twists with fingers, NOT A COMB.
  • Fingerstyle hair, or use the end of a rat tail comb to style.

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