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Jul 9, 2012


(Girl I'm up there looking like a chocolate candy bar. This is how deep and dark I go when I get an airbrushed tan!)

Hey hey fam! It's been more than a minute, but Writing Addict has been busy, busy, busy! So many life altering changes, and absolutely no time for anything extra. However, I am prioritizing and going to fit some Queendom time in even if it kills me! Okay, maybe not that extreme but you get the picture.

Its July already, the year is half gone and I've been getting my life straight, in order, and reaching for maximum happiness! Hair wise, I couldn't be locs are thick, roots healthy, and I've been rocking them with pride!

I must say its hot as fish grease outside, so its essential to rock them in a style that will protect your edges, and free you up from weight and heat. So here are few styles I've been rocking to do just that this summer:

 An elegant top knot for a classy night out.
 Pipe cleaner curls draws the locs up, and you can manipulate them as they are super curly.
 Okay this ain't me, but I did mimic this hairstyle, when I went out one night. Hot to death!
 Just grabbed locs, and braided them and rocked them to the side. The top right pic I rocked my Lady Ga Ga bow to keep them out of my face.
This pic is old, but when my crinkles start to fall and get old, I rock this topknot.

Send me pictures of your cute summertime do! Send them to so I can post them on the blog!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

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