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Jan 14, 2011

Scalp Care...

Hola my friends!

I know you are wondering where Writing Addict is these days, chile all I can say is I am extremely busy! I have been working with my new non-profit Purple W.I.N.G.S, to get it off of the ground. Then on top of that, I am working on a new novel, interviewing for Nerissa Irving's new magazine Kamoy and being the editor of it, family, and full time employment. Needless to say I am everywhere!

Oh but don't think I am abandoning my Queens, no ma'am! I am not walking away from my baby. As long as there are some natural haired ladies and dread heads out there, I will be here! So let me get into the reason for this post today....

How many of you are experiencing dry scalp? I know I am currently battling this right now. For me, its due to the water in my home. I do not have a water softener at my house, which causes the water to be really dry. Once I shampoo my locs, I immediately have to put the moisture back into my locs and scalp. I do this by giving myself hot oil treatments with:

Then after allowing the warm oil to sit on my locs and scalp for about 10 mins ( I wrap my locs in a warm towel), I rinse it out. Then I have to deep condition my locs with:

Its called Suede conditioner for locs and you can find it at It is absolutely wonderful!
I follow up this with a bit of my Infusium leave in conditioner that I swear by. You all know what that looks like, because its all I talk about (my bad).

So when my scalp decides it wants to flake up and act a fool, I use a Witch Hazel and a cotton ball to bring it back to its natural PH balance, and calm it down. It is immediately happy again. I finish this all with a mist of Tui Jojoba and Shea Butter Sheen by Carols Daughter. It leaves a light mist, and makes my locs smell so yummy :)

So, that is the routine I am bound to until the weather gets warmer, and becomes a bit more forgiving on my scalp. Then I will have to scramble to hide my scalp from the heat. Chile its work to have luscious locs.
I just wanted to keep you Queens in the know. I have some other big news to share, but will do so when I have a bit more time.

Love you guys!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

1 comment:

nappy headed black girl said...

Whoa, you really are busy!

Congrats on your new editing position and good luck with the book.