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Jan 29, 2011

Salon Spolight

 Hottie Hair Salon

So you all know I was very apprehensive about going to a hair salon to get my hair done; especially out here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Let's face it, they're aren't a lot of (if any) natural hair salons or beauticians out here. So, I googled, not expecting much. But one salon stood out...Hottie Hair Salon. I have no idea what made me pick up the phone and actually call and make the appointment. I mean its been over 8 years since I've actually sat in someones chair; but I did it, and I'm glad I did. The kind voice on the other end belonged to a stylist named Jen who reassured me she actually loves to style dreadlocks. Hmmm.....okay, I thought, I guess I may as well try.

So fast forward to this morning, and I walked in not only late (thanks to stupid MapQuest), but nervous as hell. She greeted me with the warmest smile, and ushered me into a chair. If you can actually get over her beauty (tall buxom beauty), you will find the most warm, down-to earth, and witty woman ever! She had me splitting my side which really calmed my fears.

She began work immediately, we happily chatted along the way and realized we had some things in common. Jen was very gentle and reassured me that I would look fabulous when she was done. I told her all about my scalp dryness I've been experiencing. She told me I needed some Shea butter on my scalp, which she used paired with our favorite on this blog! The Jamaican Mango product. She said that underneath the dryer the Shea butter would liquefy and really soothe my scalp, and she was right! Poor Jen I used up all her black dye (hee hee). She wondered out loud how in the heck do I try and dye my hair all by my lonesome. Hmph I will never do it myself again! I am over it.

You know what Queens, I have been doing stuff on my own for so long, always trying to be Superwoman, that I have in a sense been neglecting myself. But no longer! I am done trying to do my own freaking pedi's and hair all the time. Whenever I feel like it, I'm going to treat myself because #1 I deserve it, and #2 its just too much upkeep to do on my own.

So here is the final product! She said my growth was right on target, and that I have to use a moisturizing color protecting shampoo. Well good to know honey cuz most of the products I use are clarifying, and would strip the heck outta my color! My hair is really growing, and maybe I'll stop cutting it for the rest of this year. Jen says I need to stop cutting it and leave it alone. You all know I cut my hair at least twice a year. I'll think about stop cutting it.

So if you live in Las Vegas, and need a natural hair beautician go to Hottie Hair off of Charleston Blvd., and tell Jen Toshia sent ya! I will be going back because the place is neat, cute, and the women are really nice. I have a hair stylist, aww.....

One happy customer!

Hottie Hair Salon
7871 W. Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


B said...

They look gorgeous!!!

Nathalie said...

Wow u look really happy and radiant! Glad u went :-) I will be brave too and go to the salon maybe in febraury to treat myself. And the black is not that super black that looks fake. Will u just be leaving it down as your style?

Toshia "Writing Addict" Shaw said...

Thanks ladies! I got all dolled up and went out! Received generous compliments about my hair, which was very nice. I wore it down, but I will go back so she can style it :)

intel said...

My wife has been going to Crystal for a while now and I am impressed! No one else touches my wife's hair except for Crystal. She does a great job at cutting and coloring. My wife gets compliments all the time and is constantly asked who does her hair.

She has also recently done my son's hair. He knew he wanted more than the buzz cut and his hair was getting kind of long. We've tried before to get a style that worked well and failed. My wife took my son to Crystal and she made his hair look great. His hair never looked better. I used to believe that the boy buzz cut or the $10-15 hair cut at one of the chains was the way to go, but not anymore.

She just opened a new Salon on Buffalo and Charleston and it is very nice. Her and her stylist are nothing but professional and friendly. The Salon is very upscale, yet comfortable.

Welcome to my blog at:

Toshia "Writing Addict" Shaw said...

@Intel, this is awesome! That salon is great for anyone who wants personable service, quality, with a smile! I love Hottie Hair!

Thanks for sharing

Adam Thomas said...

wow!! it is good quality hair extensions in pictures...
Las Vegas Hair Salon