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Dec 21, 2010

Hot Holiday Hair!

Christmas and the New Year is upon us Queens! I can't believe 2010 is almost over can you? Mirielle from Going Natural sent me this scan of my pic that is being circulated in her magazine this month. Which brings me to the post of Hot Holiday Hair. How are you going to wear your hair this holiday season? Send me pics of your hot hair styles so I can showcase them on the website!

This hairstyle was achieved by setting my locs on bendable rods, braiding upward toward the crown, and secure with hairpins. Allow some hair to cascade to the side

  Locs have been set on bendable rods

Locs are piled high and secured with bobby pins

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


nappy headed black girl said...

I'll be throwing in some curls and rocking those for a minute.

I did see a bun variation that I thought was cute but don't know if I'll be able to recreate it.

Peace and Sound said...

So very beautiful!!!!!