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Sep 16, 2010

All Black Everything

Hey Queens, so last night I colored my hair and retwisted. Let me just say, I am over it! No not my locs chile, coloring! Ugggh! I'm talking about doing it myself. Its more than labor. It takes skill, and art to not get any color in my bathroom. I have to put a painters tarp down, towels, the works. Then it takes me about 1 hour total to get all the locs colored. Then it takes about 45 mins to rinse it all out! I can't see the back, lawd lets just say Queen bee has to take this to the salon now.

Yes, let the violin play. I have to start getting my coloring done professionally. I don't know how my lil sis does all her hair by herself (Nerissa Irving). Honestly, if my hair was that long I'd probably run butt naked in the middle of  the street screaming, lol.

So, anyway, I just used regular hair dye which burned the hell out of my scalp. No I was burning a bit because its a chemical. So using the Aloe Vera Gel to retwist really soothes my scalp. I know you say get the Henna...but have you looked at the length of my locs? They are at 23" inches right now. That is a whole lotta of Henna. Then, they are thick as all get out, which means it takes one box to cover one section ( I part my hair into 4's).

Please don't lecture me about color being unhealthy, blah, blah, blah. Honey I'm in my late 30's and going grey is not an option right now. Holla at me when I turn about 45.

Okay, so all is well now, and when its time to recolor early 2011 ( I only do it twice a year), I will let ya know how it turned out!



B said...

Sis, I feel you! Granted my locs are no where near as long as yours but it is still so tricky to do at home. I've promised myself to only get them done professionall from now on. And screw whatever anyone says...I'll be dyeing my hair for years to come. Henna simply doesn't work if you desire to go lighter so that definitely isn't an option for me. You've been dyeing this long and your locs are crazy healthy so rock on!

Toshia "Writing Addict" Shaw said...

Giggling @B I love you lil sis! You always have my back. You are right, I have never lost a loc yet so, I am not thinking about nobody else's opinions!

ashazulu said...

Well... well...well..LOL..LOL, now i know why people think am crazy to either grow such long locs or even continue to maintain them myself...LOL..LOL. I have been to a hairdresser only 3 times in my life period.. those times were in the last 2yrs for GBWR exam verification and one was to have 13yrs of knots removed and i hated it... now honestly,though i enjoy taking care of them myself... i am in my 40ties and getting tired and i am seriously re-considering my bad hairdresser feelings or i may end up being a body builder to continue the personal hair care job on my own.LOL..LOL

Gurl, i know what you mean by getting creative with the dying proccess or else everywhere will be black spots and drops..before you know it, the whole bathroom will be polkadot LOL..LOL

I have never used the henna stuff so i don't know how it works, but i use another water based brand that takes 25-30 bottles dumped in a bucket and diluted with water to get mines to look really good. Like you, i dye mines every 6months or so. And yes i agree bout the grey ...oh Lawd i tell you, your girl head will be almost white without that dying son is only 8yrs old and am not feeling the grey hair thing

Calm down gurl, you have 6 months to recover for the next round..LOL..LOL


Anonymous said...

I do feel this post!

I do not dye my hair as a matter of routine, nor am I going gray, but I did venture to a natural salon for color earlier this year. Why was my appointment at 6, but I didn't make it to the chair until 8, nor leave until 11:30 p.m. with wet hair on rods?

I told myself never again, after having successfully colored my own hair previously. It was the first time I'd let anyone deal with my locks.

Now that they are really getting long (mid-back+), I don't know what to do - give up color, do it myself or travel because I don't think anyone here has the experience or professionalism to truly do it justice.