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Jun 27, 2010


Saturday my girls and I traveled to LA, California so that I could participate in the Leimart Park Book Festival. It was only a 4 hour drive, and so Saturday morning I trekked on down to the park and set up my small table. I was eager to meet old and new fans alike. However, I wasn't expecting to meet one of my Queens in person! I did, so above you are looking at On the Road to Queendoms' La Shan. She is such a sweet spirit and her aura was very light, so I was immediately drawn to her and wanted to hug her to death, lol!

Thank you La Shan for coming to see me, although I have never met her before I felt as if I'd known her. This is because she chats me up often on Twitter, lol. I love to meet you Queens in person. Also, I told her on sight how beautiful her locs looked, very healthy! She was surprised to hear that her hair texture is a 3A, and that she has to be extremely careful with color. Her color is cayute! So enough raving about Queen La Shan, with her pretty self lol! Thanks again girl for the support and I hope you enjoy the book!

Locs, locs, everywhere!

LA was full of natural beauty! I almost broke my neck looking at all of the natural hair! I couldn't take pics like I wanted to because I was glued to my table. But the little I could I snapped pictures of some of the patrons. There was sisterlocs, traditional locs, free forms, bald heads, afros, etc. Honey all that fabulous natural hair gave me life! So my hat is off to LA who'd thunk it? I am very impressed!

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