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Apr 27, 2010

Tarte Makeup "Lights Camera Lashes" Winner!

Congratulations goes out to GoHard! You are the winner of the Tarte Mascara "Lights Camera Lashes!"

GoHard please email me with your mailing address for this fabulous mascara!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


GoHard said...

hi, i totally want this b/c i want my eye to pop more :)

Needles in a haystack said...

I would LOVE to win this because I live for mascara, lol. I always feel naked without it and I'm constantly searching for the best one. I want long, full, luscious eye lashes! :)

Katrina said...

Because I am a mascara fanatic!! I just love it when my lashes look Long and Luscious. Plus it takes the attention away from my crow's feet :-)

Ms.Alexis said...

This was made for me.. I feel naked without my mascara... My lashes are generally curly but super short--- mascara (especially the black-black ones) give me such a confidence boost everytime I put it on.. Of course I haven't found THE mascara to stick with, but this sounds like it might be the ONE =). Very, very exciting & it definitely sounds like a worthwhile investment.

YaHighness said...

Hiiiiii :-) I would love to have this mascara because I have short eyelashes to begin with, so mascara always gives me the elongated effect I so desire. I never stick to the same mascara because I'm on the hunt for the best mascara to make my eyes scream "rawwr", I would love to add this to my collection.

Peace and blessings!

Boogie said...

My lashes are naturally long, long, long BUT a lil on the wild side! I need mascara to tame these badboys!

missjojo71 said...

I would like to win this mascara because I have yet to find a mascara that I can't live without. Diorshow comes close but I am still on the hunt.

Besides...who wouldn't KILL for Bambi eyes.

katia said...

i would really love to have this because i have been wanting to try it since i saw it in sephora this past december and fell in love with the packaging haha. i love trying out new mascaras!