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Apr 22, 2010

Desperate Diana......Again

Well here we go again, Dateline NBC felt the need to report on the state of the: dateless, desperate, lonely, well-off, bitter, lonely, unattractive, did I say lonely? Black woman (insert heavy ass sigh here). Why is the question, why are we here again? Where are the black women being interviewed who are in happy, successful, functioning marriages? Where are the black men who are proud of their Queen's? Why are we still harping on this madness? Why are we standing by allowing this shit? Where are these freaking statistics coming from? Are they only surveying black women in Atlanta, and San Francisco (come on follow along with me people). I'm just saying, that I'm tired. Tired of these off beat ass statistics and sad faces on the supposed long list above, "black woman."

Ok I'm done venting and I'm a married woman! These statistics are bogus and you know it. I know plenty of black women who are happy and married. No one has ever surveyed any black women out this way that I am aware of.

Oh just for the record you do realize that the description of the supposed "black woman" is sarcasm right? I don't want any hate mail.

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have listened to all the reports and I am glad that the networks have done these stories. Why you ask? Because even though the statistics are unrealistic, it has made black people look around and themselves and see what is going on with the demise of the black family. I am a single black woman over 25 who can honestly say that none of my friends are married. These are good Christian women, without a lot of baggage, some almost darn near virgins, and are still having trouble in the dating world. I have decided to take a year off from dating and talk about the issues between black women and men on my online blog Yes, I don't believe in black women bashing, but I do believe this has caused many of us to wake up and discover what is really going on with our community.