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Apr 29, 2010

Cy Clothing!

 Our very own Loc'd Beauty of the Week alumni Hazel "China" Ward is seen here modeling CY clothing! Get it Chyna. Not only do we love the clothes but we adore her luscious free formed locs!

I'm loving this t-shirt its too cute!

 Check out the rest of the Rasta inspired roots clothing here!

CY Clothing describes their product as such:

CY is translated into “see why” as in see why we have let go of yesterday in order to embrace today. It is an analogy of learning from experience in order to shape the future.

It is the partners of CY Clothing Inc. who are enbarking on a new journey, in a new greener direction, with the creation of the 'CY Clothing Line'. CY is for all people of all nations, with natural Bamboo and Hemp fabrics, printed with green friendly inks and dyes. CY will feature exclusive hand drawn designs as they embark on a fashion evolution geared towards uniting all people as one, while supporting the global conscious evolution towards healthier lifestyles.

As music and fashion walk hand in hand with personal style and self expression, CY is inspired by the faces, races, shapes and sizes of all humanity. We are all interconnected and CY is expressing that realization of truth threw fashionable creations. Out of many nations, comes one people who stand united in change and acceptance. It is from the darkness that CY evolves into the light of the world inviting all to enjoy their self expression with true art on healthy non soul blocking fabrics.
Stay Blessed & Happy Locin

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