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Mar 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Hello Queens,

My birthday is fast approaching, and a few of my good friends have asked me what I am going to do to celebrate. I honestly do not have any plans other than celebrating with my family.  I want to celebrate living low key, not in some club getting drunk, unable to savor the moment. Still, I have taken some time to reflect just what has happened to me within this past year.  So many subtle and some not so subtle changes have happened. First, I am going to be a published author as of April! This is still very surreal to me.  You see, I went through an awful "rough patch" if you will with publishing a few years back. I had a publishing contract, lost that, etc... So, I really had no plans on being published in the future, or even picking up a pencil to pen a new novel. Still God had other plans, which brings me to this post.

When we are faced with challenges as we often will, it is very important that we keep it together, stay thankful in spite of, and keep doing his work.  No matter who you believe in, as long as you believe in a higher power; then you know you will have to do work for the betterment of this world.

You see, out of my grieving for not being published, I had to get over my selfish wants and needs, to address the needs of those around me. Out of the need for writing and having a voice, I decided to start blogging, and On the Road to Queendom was born. I decided that women and girls still needed a shoulder so I became a mentor, and started Purple Wings Organization 501 (c)3.  So, I turned my negative into positives, and stopped focusing clearly on myself.

Take an inward look at your life and think about your needs and wants, not just the monetary, love life, etc.  Think about how you can help others who may have similar needs, who may need your assistance.  Then think about those vices you have that are keeping you down, we all have them.

For me, food became my vice. I ate out of frustration, anger, pain, depression, etc.  I just ate to be eating! So that svelte figure I had slowly disappeared.  So instead of allowing myself to be overcome by something like being overweight I dug deeper to figure out just why I was eating mindlessly. I decided to address those problems. What ensued is a woman who is now in control of her diet, and her life.

I am renewed in my faith in people, happy to be able to live out my dream, helping those who need me. I had to Spring Clean to get my life right.

Spring is on the cusp, have you gone through the rooms of your life to throw out the old and welcome the new? Are you ready to have a fresh start? Its never to late, think about it!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

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