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Mar 9, 2010

Reader Email Answered

Hi!!! Happy Belated birthday first of all !!!!!!    I had a quick question.....My locs are coming along nicely, but I do find it hard to keep them from unraveling when I workout. I wanted to know if there is anything I can do to keep this from happening? Should I wrap them up before working out? I would really appreciate any advice you could give on this matter!

Thank you,
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Hi Queen Lee!

Thank you for my birthday wishes! Yay for you! Get yo' exercise on Queen! Now, you should make sure to don a satin scarf while working out, I even rock cotton myself. The reason is because I don't know about you but I sweat in my head. If you are in the baby locing stage you need something to catch that sweat, and pull it away from your scalp. It needs to go somewhere. If you aren't already matted, the sweat will unravel you. So yes, don a cap, scarf or something to catch a sweat!


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