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Jan 5, 2010

Woo Chile!

This blogging and website stuff ain't no joke! So, after many requests I am keeping my blogger. It seems some of you Queens missed a sistah, awwww....I love ya'll too! LOL

So anyway, we are back on and poppin, but with our very own magazine. Yay! You Queens will have to visit and support. For the new year there will be a twist, the Loc'd Beauty of the Week will now be On the Road to Queendom's cover feature. We will also scale it back to Loc'd Beauty of the Month.

This will be a highly coveted spot, complete with a spread about that person, and giveaways to that Queen. She deserves something for being chosen right? So for the month of January, we are featuring Miss China. So February I will be looking for just the right pick.

This will be competition style, open to my readers! I will post info a little later!

Glad to be back!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Laquita said...

Hooraaaaay!!!!! My favorite blog to droll over all things locs and queendomness is here to stay - lol

I'm sure the people who walk pass my desk would have missed the bright colorful site I quickly attempt to minimize as well ;o)

Laquita said...

See trying to be quick - that should have been 'drool' - lol