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Dec 16, 2009

Giveaway Winner!

CONGRATS goes out to new2locs! Congratulations Queen you are the winner of the Sephora Play Palette valued at $120! New2locs has been in the On the Road to Queendom community since we started, my receptionist pulled her name this morning and I was too thrilled!

So please send me your mailing address as soon as possible to claim your prize to! I enjoyed reading everyone's wish list, some were quite personal and even heart wrenching.

I wish you all peace and blessings for the Holiday season!

Whew! I feel all festive inside and stuff! Here is the new giveaway because its Christmas time and I feel like giving! You know I love me some makeup, and when I saw this palette at Sephora's I just knew one of my Queen's would adore it just like I do.

So here's what you gotta do, in order to be in the drawing I want you to leave a comment about what you want for Christmas and why!

It's that simple! You must be an On the Road to Queendom reader and follower, also you have to be a U.S. citizen.

Winner will be selected on Dec 16th! Good Luck!

Color Play Palette II ($120 Value)
What it is:
A palette that contains all the color products you need to create endless makeup looks.

What it does:
Get 10, 000 looks in one palette! Jam-packed with 36 powder eyeshadows, 12 lip colors, 3 powder blushes, and a bronzer, this professional Multi-use Makeup Palette is perfect for transforming your visage into a vision of perfection. Highly pigmented eyeshadows and cheek colors allow you to achieve any desired look with ease—making the Color Play Palette great for skilled makeup artists as well as beginners! Sleek and travel-friendly, it comes complete with a Mirror Portable Makeup Station for easy application on the go.

What else you need to know:
This palette is a $120 value! It's paraben free and safe for sensitive skin. The compact size is 6.3" x 7".

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


MsLesley_F4H said...

This Christmas I want a few things, the first being some donations from my friends/fam so I can pay for my yoga instructor training (I've been saving but just need an extra push.) Next up would be some bad boots! I'm loving all the over the knee styles right now.

new2locs said...

My biggest wish for Christmas is a stainless steel Jack Lalainne juicer. I've been working on getting healty & losing weight. I've lost 38lbs so far by the way. I borrowed a friend from work's juicer & now that I've given it back I miss it. I also want a pair of red peep toe booties I found on for my new look! And I need this palette to help accentuate this whole new look! Pick me, pick me!!!
Merry Christmas Queen!

Denise said...

For Christmas, I want to spend time with family and friends - eating, drinking, and reflecting! Oh, and a new camera would be nice!

The Black Girl into Heavy Metal said...

Honestly, I want alot this Christmas, but I'm not expecting alot. I'm 18 and I come from a family that are not very close. My mom lives across the country and my father and brother, who I live with, and I aren't very close. There are, of course, many things I would like for Christmas all for material reasons: A new car (I don't have a car), new clothes, a guitar, etc-which all won't happen because my family is facing the recession pains.
But honestly, the one thing no one can buy me is the gift of my mother and father getting back together and my sisters and brother to all unite instead of bickering at eachother as a result of the divorce. It's cliched but its a wish close to my heart.

Leslie said...

All I want for Christmas is to see my family! It sounds corney but as a college student, being able to go home and just spending time with my family is soooooooo important since I hardly get to see them! I also want an oversized "boyfriend" cardigan, lol!

Luna W said...

I want to bring my boyfriend to my parents' house on Christmas<3 I want my mom and dad to love the man I love because love is colorblind!

Kicukalah said...

What I want for christmas is to spend time with my family, my daughters. I have been working so hard going to school and working a fulltime job, that I miss our girl time together and to have that for christmas would be awesome!

Miss Kat said...

What I want for Christmas is be surrounded with my friends and family, eat a ton of food, and rest from the work week! I moved, and am used to being 15mins away form i'm a little further out and its just me and my 2 boys, I miss being so close and the holidays are always quite an event in my family so I def. want to be with them! And food...who doesn't love to eat! lol. And a much needed BREAK from work! :-) That's what I want this Christmas....oh, and to win this palette! :-)

Shani said...

For Christmas, I want to a pair of those shoes that firm up your legs and butt. I am a full time student going for my bachelor degree in nursing in an accelerated program that leaves me with no time to think about exercise or looking cute. Not to mention I also have a husband and 5 children to care for. It's starting to wear me down! The most I can do right now to get fit is run around campus in some firming shoes. I just wanna get my sexy back!☻

PB Max said...

What I desire for Christmas is the financial capital needed to start my own business. When I graduate with my MBA in 2010 I want to use my education to not only build a better life for myself but also for others. Imagine if more black women had the financial resources to do what we desired to do. We would be able to create a better life for ourselves, our families, and others in our communities, our nation, and the world. Oprah was able to build a school in South Africa because of access to financial resources. When "her girls" graduate, watch out. The positive effects will definitely trickle down to many others.

I would also like to meet a wonderful man, my age, with good old fashioned values and a heart of compassion and love for others - like my Daddy. Why? I still have so much love to give and I definitely need love, too.

Finally, a lady looking for love and a business woman should always look her best, so I am definitely adding Sephora's Color Play Palette II to my Christmas list.

Euphoria's Sisterlocks said...

What I would love most for Christmas is a healthy head of locked hair for the last 5 years my hair has been slowly falling out at first I thought it was from perms ( why I went natural)later diagnosed as Linchen Planus, I have a fairly large bald spot at the very crown of my head, that is slowly progressing, I love my locks & I would love to where them any which way I want to instead of a lock over or a head band all the time. I have serious lock envy when I see other lock wearers that are free to let there locks do what it do, I want to have my locks blow in the wind & not be worried if my spot is showing, that is what a want for Christmas a cure!!

Moosiko said...

For Christmas, I simply want my family to find peace in each of their lives.

Janet said...

For Christmas this year I really don't want anything. I just will be glad to go home and see my family (I had to work last Christmas so I couldn't go) and have my boyfriend come with me and spend time with them. It will be all of my favorite people together!

Getting all A's in my first semester of grad school wouldn't be so bad but I think I've worked hard enough to make that happen :)

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty palette. I adore Sephora. For Christmas this year, I actually haven't really had many things that I've been wanting. I do really want a Clarisonic Mia though. My skin is super dry and icky because of my whack thyroid. Don't even get me started about what it does to my hair! Dry city :/

Thanks for the giveaway, gorgeous!

shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com