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Dec 11, 2009

Hair Decorating For the Holidays

Hello Queens! I am thankful for you allowing me to be in your realm again! I have been thinking of each one of you – it’s true! As I sat reading my latest copy of both Essence and Ebony Magazines, I turned page after page of advertisements and articles of blacks about blacks; I noticed that all the women depicted in these magazines have mink straight permed, sewn or glued hair.

While that shinny sleekness is a decoration for the holidays, it sends a very strong message to young girls and natural hair. It is not enough to feature natural hair as a summer article – both of these magazines do not represent me nor address my natural state. The advertised hair care produces all have models with bone straight hair. I subscribed to these magazines in the hopes of supporting black enterprise; but when these entities cannot acknowledge me and my natural state on a continual, supportive basis…well it’s time to change some old habits for the New Year! There is not one magazine issue where I can read an article and walk away with some helpful information on natural care fit for a Queen! Thank goodness for On the Road to Queendom!

These advertisements are all ornamental. Natural hair is very versatile and I do love to adorn my locs with charms. I find unique pieces that can be an ear ring, toe ring, an ear cuff or an actual hair charm that is made from a gemstone, a shell or a coil. I have also even gone as far as to purchase gold wire from my jeweler and make my own hair jewelry. The gold wire does not tarnish nor does it break easily and is light weight. Many African vendors and natural hair salons also carry these fun accessories.

Hair charms are changeable and can reflect a time in your life, a mood or your favorite totem. Hair jewelry and charms makes your crown, your adornment so much more personal and unique!

One of my FAVORITE hair jewelry vendor’s is New Bein,’

I have attached the web link for you to browse, get ideas and even make a wish list. New Bein’ has been a favorite supplier of mine for years: the photo catalog is true to the product that you order and the prices are reasonable in price. There is a large selection to choose from.

I will be in touch again very soon Queens! Until then…stay loced and grow natural, it’s within YOU!

Bold Loced Lioness

PS – Hair Superstitions sent to me by Queen Janet:

If you throw your hair (from your brush or comb) in the trash then it won't grow back (apparently burning it or flushing it down the toilet was the best way to get rid of it).

If you pluck a grey hair, 3 more will grow back.

I'm not sure if this last one is a superstition or not...but I've also heard that black people can't get lice (which I know isn't true).

Thank you Queen Janet for your kindness! You can always reach me at:


Janet said...

Aww thanks for posting my hair superstitions *blush*

Anonymous said...

I LOVE New Bein hair products. Thanks for this post!! Actually one of the main models on that site is my own loctitian, Sheny Nefer...she's the BOMB y'all!!!