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Nov 12, 2009

Should You Cut Your Locs Because....

I know you may have thought about it, a time or another I have even contemplated it. Do I really want to keep my locs when so many people, who aren't really a positive example roc the locs? The answer is yes, I do! I can't allow what other individuals do, or how they act determine me, my lifestyle, nor appearance.

I have had people tell me that they cut their locs off because rappers like T-Pain and Lil Wayne rock the locs. But then I ask them, "Well should anyone actually stop wearing a hairstyle because of someone else?"

It all seems absurd to me. Those two individuals, and anyone else for that matter have no bearings on my locs and anything else that I do. What do you Queens think? Do you think society looks at us all and places us in the same boat?

Please weigh in...

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Nickelicious said...

I have to admit- I cut my first set of locs because too many thugish rugish boys from the hood started sporting them. I would like to think I was a loc pioneer where I am from because I started my first set in 2000- Right around 2003-04 every thug and his (or her) mama started rocking them, so I cut mine and wore the loose natural hair. I am now on my 2nd set and like Writing Addict I will not let the thugs stop me from doing me. And even more, I want to show the world that us educated people rock locs too.

Writing Addict said...

Well put & said Ms. Nickelicious!

tjay said...

Most of us have got two eyes and walk on two legs. Yet, how many of us would poke out our eyes because of what somebody else is looking at? Or cut off one of our own legs over where somebody else has been? What have they got to do with you?

Locs, straight, curly, bald, it's just hair--or the lack of hair. Let people see you and know you for what you do and what you are. Your hair is an accent to your beautiful self. YOUR eyes are a mirror to YOUR soul. Your deeds speak louder than any hairstyle. Let others pay for their OWN actions. What's the hair they're wearing got to do with you?