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Nov 24, 2009

Self Hatred Runs Deep

We've all heard about bleaching before; and I know we have bleaching agents on the market here in America to help us rid of dark spots caused by pigmentation (stress, breakouts, bruises). But when does bleaching go too far? When is it more than just a beauty ritual and an obsession? Take this family here in Jamaica who bleach their skin to be accepted, or have some sort of status. Is self hatred that deep in our race? All over the world? Lets not even go there; this practice of bleaching is in Asia, Europe, everywhere!

So wonder, people with dark skin have so much to deal with. Just to know their skin is hated and lighter skin is preferred nationwide may be too much to bear. Take for instance, a rapper by the name of Mr. Fab stated, "I don't like dark skinned women, I only need them to buy my albums." Really Mr. Fab? You don't like dark skinned women but you are dark yourself? Let's not forget that other pint sized rapper, Young Berg who stated he didn't like dark skinned women either.

Look all I am saying is that there is a problem worldwide with hatred amongst dark skinned people. Yea, we can blame media and society all we want but it starts within. If you don't love you and you don't think about your own attitudes and actions about darkskinned, or kinky hair...etc. how are we going to change the mindset of ignorance?

Think about it!

Thank you Empress, Nerissa Irving for the info!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Eloise said...

Wow, I watched that video and was floored. This is so sad, but TRUE. What is wrong with our people? I actually don't know of anyone that bleaches their skin, but I have seen sisters that walk around and believe that their BETTER than me or someone else because their lightskin with long STRAIGHT HAIR...and some men don't make it any better...CHILE PLEEEAASE....TO DO SUCH A THING TO YOUR SKIN DEFINITELY MEANS YOU HAVE SELF-HATRED DEEP IN YOUR BONES. No matter what WHY IN RA's NAME would you want to DO SUCH A THING TO YOURSELF. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL AND THAT IS REAL. LOVE WHO YOU ARE NO MATTER WHAT SOMEONE ELSE THINKS OF YOU AND ALL ELSE WILL FALL INTO PLACE.

Melinda said...

This is so sad, but so true, darker skin females have such complexes partially b/c it is still very much the preferance of our black men, if it were not so then MEN like Common would not be so admired, respected and lusted after, opps, I meant to say loved, for loving US!! We all know that usually when black men get some status and some money, the first thing they do is go out and get the clllosest thing 2 light bright damn near white that he can find, the ultimate prize. And let us not eeeven start with the music videos, that is another story entirely, same book though.

Naturigurl said...

I remember from back in the day my mom buying ambi bleaching cream to fade dark spots on our skin like on my knees and elbows but I never knew the extreme till I moved back home (Jamaica) for a bit. I was there recently in February 09 visiting family and people kept calling me "brownin" and asking how got my skin so light and what bleaching cream I used. I was taken aback because I didnt know the extent but its not just in JA people here where I live stores who cater to black sell it by the boat load. What these people are doing are crazy, a style? If causing skin cancer a style count me out. Black is beautiful no matter what shade. People need to stop self hating

new2locs said...


shaz1121 said...

I was really sad when I watch this. I had my teenage daughters watch it too they just couldn't believe we are doing this to our skin. I have always taught my daughters that they are beautiful and to be proud to be black,we come in many shades and should embrace each other but this shows we still hate ourselves. God does not make mistakes we must love ourselves and teach our children that.