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Nov 6, 2009

Rasta Line Products

So I washed my hair this past weekend with the products I was given in the box sent for the Miss Napptural contest. I have never used this line of products before but let me just say, I am glad I did! The shampoo leaves your scalp tingling and refreshed. Unfortunately I used 1/2 the bottle on my hair and I only lathered up 3 times. I focused more on my scalp than anything. This shampoo is a winner in my book. But, again if you have mature locs, don't expect the product last the bottle is kind of tiny. The conditioner was equally nice, and had a great mango smell to it. It mad my loc soft to the touch which is hard to achieve on 4a-4b hair.

1-5? I will give this shampoo and conditioner a 4, worth the money.

The leave-in conditioner treatment is supposed to stop itching. However, when you have very mature locs you really don't experience this problem because your scalp slows down with oil production. Your scalp is calm because you aren't tourturing it with chemicals, or heat. You aren't clogging it with heavy product either. So I used it on my baby girls hair to try and tame her lil' braid locs which call for Jah (means flyaways). Great smell and cute. I still like my leave in recipe better.

1-5? I will give the leave in condition a 3

The locking creame wax had a very nice consistency and smell to it. I will warn you though, for some reason it leaves color behind on your hands?? Still it held my locs down and it was lightweight which I really enjoyed. Overall? I would use again. I like it. It is heavy enough for 4a-4bs and light enough for 2-3's hair textures.

This is a good hair product line. You should try it if you haven't already. If nothing else you will love the scent it leaves behind in your hair!

Oh yea, here is how my hair turned out today after having it braided up all week:

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


lakisha said...

Peace Queen!

Thanks for giving a review. I will definitely give the line a try. My locs turned 3 months today so I am still in search for good products.

BTW, your hair is absolutely gorgeous. I love your braid-out.

Take care

Kicukalah said...

Cute, cute, cute style.

I like this line and the fragrance the products have. I've only used the moisturizer for my locs, but love the outcome on other loc'ed heads I perform maintenance on.

Naturigurl said...

I wanted to try this product but last time I looked I thought I saw mineral oil on the back of the "cream wax" mixture being that I have sworn off all petrol products for use in my head. The gels are ok but I'm worried about buildup. Maybe I should go and have a second look, Ive read many positive reviews about this line so its worth a try at least right now I'm using a Tahlia waajid mixture. Its nice but I guess I'm hoping to calm my frizzies a little more.