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Nov 2, 2009

Loc Mohawk

Loc Mohawk

Make 3-4 ponytails in a vertical row starting in the center of your head and wrap the loose locs from the ponytails loosely to look like a swoop and secure with bobby pins. Continue to do so until you get to last ponytail. The last ponytail can hang!

Another Version:

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Brandiss said...

Beautiful! That is really creative.

Euphoria's Sisterlocks said...

very stylish and creative

PhePhi said...

dang u got a lotta beautiful!!

Writing Addict said...

Thanks everyone! I have been dying to rock the mohawk without cutting my crown. These pics dont do it justice!

Kicukalah said...

Lotta pins, huh? Looks great.

Writing Addict said...

Hee hee stop Kicukalah but yeah you're right!