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Nov 16, 2009

The Big Chop!

Writing Addict,

Hi, Queen. How are you? Thank you for your addiction to writing. You're site is wonderful! You're bringing so many beautiful sista together in support and love.

I just cut my hair off two days ago (11/14/08). Of course I've dealt with ignorance and negativity already but I've done this for myself and no one else. I've wanted locs for about 8 years now. My scalp hurts so bad if I go over 4 weeks without a relaxer. I'm guessing it's withdrawals so I've decided to cut it all off and go without much new growth for a while so that I don't have to used a relaxer. My scalp should get used to no relaxer and then growing it out will be less painful.

What products do you recommend? Right now all I have is castor oil grease and pink oil moisturizer. I'm guessing natural products are better. What are some ways for me to start locking my hair. How should I sleep. What was your routine for the day and night when you started out?

Thanks, again, for your beautiful and empowering site.

Warmest Regards,

Karian aka Kari B.

Dearest Kari B.,

Well hello and welcome to the Queendom! We are happy to have you! So let me get this straight, you mean to tell me you hid those beautiful features, and that adorable face underneath a head full of hair (Slaps forehead)? Honey, if I had those features I would have been cut my hair off a long time ago trust that! So let’s get to it.

Yes, your scalp is in shock, your brain will send messages to you scalp to try and get you to relax your hair because it is used to the chemicals (that is why we call it creamy crack). Believe it or not from the looks of your picture you seem to have a bit of chemical still in it. Personally, I went all the way down, a total caesar cut to the scalp. You could do that as well, or else you will be looking for product that won’t necessarily take care of your real hair texture whatever that will be. This will be a fresh start you know. Don’t be afraid, doesn’t seem as if you are, to go there you, you are already practically there.

Yes, your scalp will heal; remember you have abused it for so long, with all the products and chemicals, this is not an overnight process. It will take the right products, a healthy diet, and plenty of TLC.

For the grow out process I suggest the following:

· Although you have cut it all off, remember to wash with a natural shampoo & Conditioner like the following every 3-5 days:

Organics Products in Walmart around $5 a complete line of great products

EO all natural soap. Can be used for a variety of things! Available at Whole Foods and most natural food stores.

Jamaican Mango & Lime Tingle Shampoo, most beauty supply stores. Wonderful product smells scrumptious! It will awaken your scalp and leave it clean!

· Eat a healthy diet rich in leafy greens, veggies, fresh fruit, and lots of H2O (8 glasses a day)

· Vitamins A, C, & E; a great Multi-vitamin for women should do the trick!

· Oils: Avocado, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, & Jojoba Oil (massage in the scalp nightly)

· Nice Leave In Conditioner daily

Avoid all petro products (grease), and products with mineral oil. You scalp will remember these products and revert, or crave them. Remember, you are nursing your scalp back to good health, so all natural is the way to go!

So I suggest locing when you are ready, you will need at least enough to twist about 1 ½-2 inches of new growth. However, with your new growth you might find that you don’t want to loc just yet! Your texture might surprise you and you may want to play a little at first with different natural styles.

Again, I started off with a caesar boy cut! I had designs and everything, lol!

I washed my hair sometimes every day, whenever I felt like it! It was great….

I didn’t really start using product but when I did I had enough to brush and comb. I used the exact same stuff I am advising you to use. At night nothing is needed when you do that short, except maybe a do-rag to make those busting waves :p

Have fun with it! Don’t worry about what anyone says remember this is your journey and your journey alone! Cherish it, learn from it, learn to love the real you and promise yourself you will never again punish your scalp! By the way I love your pics, but honestly Queen you look so regal and beautiful natural....


Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Melinda said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Enjoy your beautiful hair and know that GOD himself gave it to you and ONLY you, now u have hair just like him, made in his own image!!!! ENJOY!!!

Euphoria's Sisterlocks said...

Girl forget about what people say I have chalked it up to they want to go natural but don't have the nerve to stop letting other people define what's beautiful, I don't care if people don't like my locks, as long as I am happy that's all that matters

tjay said...

Jane Carter Solution Products. Soft, great smelling natural hair. Mine has been locked for almost two years now. Still soft.