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Nov 21, 2009

Ask Writing Addict

Hello queen!

I just stumbled upon your website and seeing that slide show of the beautiful black women with their beautiful locs just makes me all the more eager to begin having my own.

I've been wanting dreadlocs for about almost two years now and I've tried to start with sister locs and I've tried just plain twisting, both with beeswax but they won't hold. Or the roots come undone quickly or the ends of my hair come apart, and then there's the whole fact that I want to have a nice small size to my locs and when my hair comes undone it's too thick or fat.

I've been going natural for a good almost 4 yrs without any relaxers (after doing a little research about how it damages the hair) and just having my mother braid it for me since I can hardly maintain it with just keeping it wash. I don't put anything in my hair so it's been growing.

I need help I don't know what to do to get started or what type of products to use that will keep my hair twisted and loc tight without my locs coming undone. I thought that since my hair is naturally kinky it should be locing without any hassels but it seems i'm having trouble. I'm wondering if I need to use a different type of method...

I got some advice from various people but I'm not too sure, I don't want to rush off and start something again and be disappointed with the results. I just need advice on how to get started..

I've attached three photos of my hair the afro and tried to take a pic of my scalp.

(I hope you can see the pics)

i hope the lighting is enough for you to see my hair (if the pics have uploaded correctly)

I know you get this alot,


I want my sad face to turn into a smiley face :D

thanks in advance,


Hey Nita Boo!

Punkin welcome to the Queendom, and I will be happy to help! Now, just as you imagined I have had this question a time or two! Also, you have a whole lotta hair chile…so patience is needed in order for it to lock. Just by looking at your photos it seems as if you have texture 3B-4A (for more on hair textures click here). Its important to know your hair texture in order to know how to groom it.

If you are wanting to loc the hair the product which may work best for you would be protein gel (yes, the black kind!) mixed with shea butter, or you can use Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter, I have use it for a number of years on my 4B hair type and it holds very well. So you take a bit of gel and mix it with the shea in a separate container. Please use sparingly on the roots. Also, with the length of your hair you can start your locs any number of ways depending on the style you are achieving.

Want a manicured, salon look? Then you should section the hair into neat little boxes, about the size you want your locs to be and either braid or double strand twist the hair all over.

Want free form locs? The kind Rastafarians wear? Then grab the hair into sections and just double strand twist or braid it.

You can keep up your newgrowth by retwisting or latch hooking the hair. It is up to you darling. Want more info on how to start off locs? Click here for tutorials and videos. Click here to learn how to latchhook new growth.

I hope I have helped you in your quest. If you need further assistance please contact me by email! Keep us informed on your path to Queendom!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

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