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Oct 20, 2009

What Men Like...

Participant Alvelino Williams

This month Essence magazine online is weighing in on the whole, "Good Hair" vibe by asking 15 random black men what type of hair they like their women to wear. You will be interested in the results. On average the majority of the men stated they liked natural hair on their women; and the majority if not all men stated they strongly disliked the weaves.

What I found interesting is that a few stated they liked and favored the straight look on their women, adding, "I can do without the nappy stuff." Wow, they can do without the nappy stuff huh? The hair that God gave us? One man stated he wasn't opposed to it, he just didn't like to see the "nappy stuff" all the time. Well alrighty then...

While I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion, Essence magazine should be celebrating the woman's right to choose. They should be uplifting us and encouraging us to rock our natural God given hair instead of pushing the opinions of men in our faces. Hell that's why most of our women are burning their scalps to death is to please some man out there.

I am proud of you Queens, for taking your hair matters into your own hands, for not allowing others to choose your standards of beauty. And while the majority of people, not just our own black men may not appreciate or encourage our natural thang, you have us here at the Queendom and other natural hair sites like Afrobella, I Love My Locs, etc.

We applaud you and will stick by you. Rock on natural sisters, rock on!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Aisha said...

I always wonder how truthful men are being when the topic of women's hair come up. Many say they like natural hair, but then a woman with a long, straight weave walks past and their eyes are popping out their heads, lol. Sometimes they just want to be politically correct. I say you can tell by their reactions. I think what most men mean when they say they don't like weaves is that they don't like OBVIOUS weaves.

Aisha said...

Let me also add that I don't like when a man is too particular about women's hair, clothes, etc. I prefer someone with an open mind.

lakisha said...

Therein lies one of the issues with black women. We are always looking outward for validation, especially from a man. All I can say is love yourself. If a man sees that you love, honor and respect yourself, more than likely he will not care about the texture of your hair.

That is why I love this blog. You teach the art of self-love. I am a new follower and am truly feeling what you are doing. Keep up the great work!


L33 said...

WOW! I can remember a time when I use to fry my scalp and put in long straight hair because of what "HE" liked! Talk about bondage!!!!! Never again will I let a man influence me to what he called beautiful! I say now...hey, you don't like it, get on somewhere! Men like what they like, and if you are in a relationship and he leaves you b/c of your hair???...he wasnt it to begin with! Nappy Stuff?! you ladies!!! Be FREE!!!