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Oct 6, 2009

Loc'd Beauty In Charge!


Hair Artist, Make-Up Artist & CREATIVE DIRECTOR

Incredulous, ingenious, with an authentic stamp of Mother Africa. Cultural-Shaper and astute Visual Artist, Tokini Bilaye-Benibo is a graduate of SFASU; with majors in Sociology, Gerontology, Anthropology and Political Science. She also holds an MBA in Business Administration from the prestigious Prairie View University.

She began her foray into the Arts and ‘the perfection of beauty’ at the tender age of five! Missouri born Benibo delves deeply into her Nigerian roots (literally) to conjure an art that has to be seen to be believed. An etherealist and ever the romantist.

Like the great masters, she applies her brush to the face (her canvas) with sleek perfection to create ingeniously painted faces that range from the subtle or barely there to sultry fiery vixen.
Her creative talents indeed span all of the Visual Arts including an arresting love for Sculptural form and aesthetics. She brings a well seasoned skill to the art style and genre with her dramatic signature hair pieces that have earned her wide acclaim.

‘TOKI’ (as she is fondly called by clients and friends alike) has the following list of credits (not exhaustive!): Featured stylist on style networks’ SPLIT ENDS, Stylist and Make-up Artist for The Latin-American Grammys, Stylist ‘A night of Elegance’ – Elite Events Group, ‘Africa’s Finest’ feat. Top Model IMAN, ‘The Milky Way Hair Show’ and countless jobs for Celebrity Photo Shoots fore Bre Scullark to Jocelyn Penniwell and other shows.

From Stars to Starlets, her client list reads like a who is who of young America. A MAC make-up Artist and visionary, Tokini is the CEO and Principal Consultant of LYZADORA Beauty Consultants, in Texas, USA.

Benibo can be reached at + 1 281-901-0982 or email, or LYZADORA.COM

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

1 comment:

Ibiene said...

this is my baby sis...I'm in tears! Thanks for recognizing her and her vision.