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Oct 1, 2009

In Case You Missed It...

Your thoughts Queens?


Naturigurl said...

Thank you for posting this..... Now this is what I'm talking about Chris actually has a message behind why he's made this film. All jokes aside Relaxer (a chemical) should be an adult decision for themselves and not for any child who is not capable of making that decision for themselves. We as women should be free to wear whatever we feel and not because its fitting for others. Before I went back to work after my mat I was so afraid of what my co workers predominately white would think of my hair choice. I now know that if I'm not comfortable with it they would pick up on that as well. I am glad Oprah did this show because it caused people to discuss this long awaited topic. The money that comes from India should be reinvested back to those people, but how can these people know if no one really points it out and says hey! look what it's being used for. Anyway thanks for posting this very enjoyable looking forward to the documentary.

Nickelicious said...

Absolutely awesome...I especially love the part when Chris tells Solange that she was a typical pretty with the weave, but with her new cut, she was uniquely pretty. It's crazy how so many of us want to change what or who we are by changing outside, when what a lot of us should be focusing on is the inside.
Stay Blessed and stay Natural

Euphoria's Sisterlocks said...

I can honestly say that I am glad my hair started falling out because I never would have experienced the natural me & I would still be in that mind frame that natural hair is bad and nappy & a disgrace to wear (boy was I so wrong),I would have been one of those mothers that would put creamy crack on my kids head & justified it as to nappy 2 deal with. It saddens me how my own people still talk about & say mean things to me & I tell them if you knew what I knew about the joy & freedom of natural hair then you would not criticize me, so I applaud the mother that shaved her head for her daughters sake, & another thing I noticed was alot of the permed sista's hairline was ate up. Can't wait to see the movie but it would have been nice to see the flip side of wearing your hair in it's natural state.