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Oct 22, 2009

Good Hair Review....

The extremely talented, intelligent, and beautiful Crystal Belle who happens to be an accomplished poet and 9th grade English teacher lent her pen to write a review of Chris Rock's documentary, Good Hair....

Chris Rock's new documentary Good Hair is a funny, revealing film about how issues of hair and identity affect the African-American community. A movie of this kind hasn't been done officially on a mainstream level, so it was a great idea to have a celebrity as popular as Chris Rock, take on the task.

Although the concept of the film is bold, the film itself isn't and actually is more subjective than objective. According to Rock, his only intention was to do a film on "himself, his daughters and the annual Bronner Brothers International Hair Show in Atlanta. " To touch on such a sensitive issue in the black community and then say it was a film only meant for him seems a bit contradictory.

The inspiration for the film Good Hair came about when Chris Rock's 3-year-old daughter asked him why she didn't have "good hair." This question alone startled the popular comedian and urged him to take a deeper look at black women and hair. Some of the questions he explored throughout the film were: 1) What are the implications of "good hair?" 2) What lengths will black women go to in order to achieve the supposed "good hair?"

Go here to read the rest.

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Kicukalah said...

can you email her and let her know that I want those earrings? Please.

I agreed with her review.

Writing Addict said...

Honey please, I already tried to jack her for those earrings they are fierce! LOL