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Oct 13, 2009

Finally Someone Asks the Question....

The movie “Good Hair” hit theaters this weekend to mixed reviews. I havent seen the movie yet, and I am still unsure whether or not I will. I mean, it doesn't even relate to me since loc wearers were not a part of it. However alot of women feel as though Chris Rock belittled and ridiculed black women in the movie. Particularly a guest on the Oprah show recently:

I work in corporate America and I don’t want to be the butt of everyone’s joke when I walk out of a salon and my hair is nice and I have people walking up to me saying “Your hair is nice. Is it a weave? Is that Indian hair? ….It’s all mine”

Chris asks her if her hair is real and can he touch it. She let’s him

See, you can touch black women’s hair. The point is “we sit in the salon a long time. We don’t want you to touch it”. The trailer had me really upset. We are trying to promote positive black women and I felt as though you belittled us. When other races see the movie, they are going to laugh but they are laughing at us. If you had included other races, it would have been funny to us but it’s not.

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Melinda said...

I have opted out. I have no interest in viewing the movie in it full version, the trailer was enough. It did NOTHING to educate non-Black America on how much emphisis is placed on "our" hair nor did it teach us to love and appreciate "our" hair and then I remembered, duh, he is a COMEDIAN!! It is not his job to teach it is his job to get as many laughs as he can, even if it is at the expense of his Mother, Sister or Daughters.

Naturigurl said...
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Naturigurl said...

Well I'm mad...... Technically I haven't seen the movie yet but even from the trailer I do get that he hasn't really shown other options that we choose. His movie does not speak for all black women (sure seems like it though). Why focus on weave and relaxers alone? Why couldn't he show his daughter that hey there are women out there who embrace themselves and say look baby she looks just like you. He just chose not to look for these women period. We black women are very versatile we can do anything we want with our hair but on a flip side this woman shouldn't to mad because we know that our non black sisters go and do to their hair at the salon and no one says much. Whatever..... he made a movie it will be yesteryear news soon. Most Black folks wont forget but trust me other folks who are not black will because really it has nothing to do with them. IMO Goldie on a pedestal I said it.... If its not Jen, Angie, Sara Jessica, Britney or whomever its not news worthy.

Aisha said...

I'm glad that lady called Chris Rock out on Oprah. He's basically trying to make money and make fun of Black women at the same time. And so many Black women don't even realize we are the butt of the joke! He's laughing AT us, not WITH us.

From the trailers and interviews, I don't see this movie promoting Black women in any positive way or telling me something I don't know. Therefore, I will not support it with my money, time or brain space.