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Sep 10, 2009

OPI Nail Polish Giveaway!

Hey Queens, its time for a giveaway. This new color is called Dark Room Nail Colour.

An intensely dark and sexy shade that channels film-noir drama.

Sephora by OPI DARK ROOM is a dangerously deep, gorgeous, film-noir-inspired nail color that will make you a scene stealer this autumn. Embrace an air of seductive mystery that will keep your audience at the edge of their seats.

Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow...

This is a deep and intense forest green, that will look so shiek and stylish this fall!

Want these? Well reply to this post in the comments section and tell me what you are looking forward to this fall. That's it, its that simple! Winner randomly selected on Sunday night and announced Monday morning! Get to commenting!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


bae said...

hi lady! yeah, me, i like! for this fall, i'd like to see more travel, more concerts, great frenz n of course, a fresh coat of OPI nail polish, would b nice. TRUE fact, last month in San Fran my nails were natural! too!

peace n love girl!

Chasity CaTai said...

Looking forward to wearing my boots, crochet galore, and blazers!!!

Katrina said...

I am looking forward to all the new colors and fashion. Last year the colors were deep so I suspect much of the same. Looks great on brown skin Love it!

new2locs said...

I just love, love, love me some OPI! My hair is natural but my nails aren't! Some things I just can't let go of. These color's will look fierce on me. What I'm looking forward to this fall is the change of seasons. I love it when the leaves change. It's really a big deal here in the midwest. People even drive up north to watch the color changes because it's so beautiful with all of the trees in the wilderness. This may seem silly to some city folk but that's what happens around here. I'm also looking forward to wearing my new fall garb & layering my garments. I love all of the options for clothing for this time of year.

Alexia said...

I'm looking forward to the leaves changing from the vibrant greens to glorious reds, screaming yellows, and eye catching oranges ( I live up north). Back to Grad school this fall, so I am looking forward to finishing my education with some sort of self gratification. I'm anticipating watching my husband get crazy during football season and making his favorite comfort foods (mac and cheese, ribs, meatloaf, BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes and much more) to support the cause. All while wondering if I can maintain my weight and work out plan for summer 2010! I especially can’t wait to rock my fashionable knee high boots (brown, black, gray, tan and even green) again with some dark tights, a cute shrug, thermal shirt and some banging earrings! My outfits are never complete without a natural manicure and we all know dark polish colors are in this season - so your give away comes a the perfect time. The most important change I am welcoming is a change in self. As the season changes I am taking more time to focus on my spiritual, mental and physical well being. I look foward to my continual growth as a loc'ed queen and feeling every inch of hair reach new heights on my crown. I look forward to nurturing my soul with wisdom and everlasting love and I strengthening my relationship with God. Oh yeah and of course I look forward to encountering new challenges and finding new solutions while keeping a positive prospective …But, most importantly I look forward to LIFE and everything it has to offer. Peace.

Kicukalah said...

I'm looking forward to the fall because of my wardrobe. Yep! I absolutely love clothes for the fall and winter even though I'm in love with the summer weather. I know it's crazy. It feels like a love triangle. I know, I know. I'm silly. :-P

Moosiko said...

I'm looking forward to being inspired to knit and crochet again, big cozy sweaters, the colors of fall, and of course the leaves showing off colors that we just can't re-create.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to getting a 4.0 this fall semester!!! Simple but true, lol!

Atiyah said...

I am looking forward to tights, boots and cool weather.

Javale said...

I'm looking forward to the crisp air that fall brings and foliage!

Naturally Sophia said...

I am looking forward to putting those frivolous summer things away: ridiculously large shades worn until 9pm, brightly colored outfits that don't match (not that my fall ensemble does, LOL), and fruity cocktails, iced coffee,silly overly energetic summer films, and sickly sweet, seizure inducing smoothies.

I look forward to seriousness of fall. I intend to switch from my daily oil based fruity and light white floral perfumes to sexier more musky fragrances. I intend to watch movies that have less action, but more depth. I look forward to the break from mosquitos and heat. My clothes won't match in this season either but I will have more options for texture in brilliant but rich color. And the cool which encourages my journals to fill, clothes to layer and an increase in my workout routine but also caloric intake.

This fall, I have to do something deeply personal. I have to start over. Not the way people do when they want to, but the way people do when they have to: the difficult, short way.

**Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write. this was a reward in itself.**