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Aug 14, 2009

Queen of Art....

Introducing Tanekeya Word, a Pop-culture artist with immense eclectic and charisma which shines through with each stroke of her brush. After finding her on one of my fav blogs ever,, I knew I had to share her with you all. She is a Loc'd Beauty, who does what she She is a self-proclaimed Pop-culture junky, who states on her MySpace page that instead of trying to kick the Pop-culture habit she instead immersed herself head first living it through her artwork. That she is indeed. Her use of colors, and the characters that come alive on canvas can be easily mistaken for any celebrity you see in a Vogue, Elle, or Style magazine. I absolutely love her work; and I plan on purchasing a piece or two as soon as I am blessed enough to do so!

One word, amazing!

Wanna see more? You can review, purchase, or even contact this diva here.

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

1 comment:

Amarie said...

Now that's what I call real artwork.LOL. I love the colors.